Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Sun Is Setting

Yesterday, I slept the whole day and the only time I was awake for a short time was to take lunch and dinner. Later the night, I took a sleeping pill to ensure that I had a good night's rest. I woke up at 10am this morning, still feeling very sleepy and tired. I had overestimated my own ability in this trip to India. I was living in past glory and the traveling from place to place with only a day or two rests in between. This pace was too challenging for me. I did not pace myself well. I have also put my friends into a position where they had to worry about me too. I have only completed 50% of my pilgrimage journey. I did have a change of routine but instead also found myself under stress instead of relaxing. In future, I will take a different approach when drawing up traveling plans. If I had future opportunities, I would visit India again because there are a few more places that I want to visit.

Now that my 'holiday' is over, the immediate focus is on my legs. Tomorrow, I will go to the hospital to do a scan on my left leg around the knee cap area. It's giving me a lot of pain and I am hoping that it is nothing more than an old wound. 12 years ago, I missed a step and fell on my knee cap. My leg was swollen for almost one month and after a few sessions of acupuncture, the pain went away. As for my right leg, this is due to the bulging disc of my L4/L5 Lumbar spine. While on a domestic flight from Varanasi to New Delhi, I saw an advertisement on the inflight magazine about a surgery called Band Aid Surgery. This is a minimal invasive form of surgery. I was wondering why my orthopedic surgeons did not tell me about this surgery which is also available for my condition?

I have two things on my mind at the moment. The first is my pair of legs. Mobility is very important to me and when I was in India, I had used a walking stick for the first time in my life to assist me in walking. I realised that with whatever little time I had left, I need to have a good pair of legs so that I could do what ever I want to do. The second is my HIFU surgery in China next month. Although this palliative surgery cannot cure me of cancer, I am hopeful that my body will benefit from one big tumor less and free my right kidney from the tumor.

I believe 2012 will be a year where I spent more of my time in hospitals. I think I will also try more alternative therapies. I have identified a couple of them and now doing more reading. But all these will only happen after I settled my legs and kidney tumor surgery first. If there are opportunity for  travel, I would also consider it but it would not be a challenging one.


  1. Dear CT,sorry i did not comment earlier N3,but just to let you know congrats on the journey even if its tiring and you had to cut short.Now you have to gather strength and be ready for the China trip.Keep searching and never let up.Keep writing and God AL MAL.

  2. Dear CT, I have been following your blogs on and off. You are an amazing individual. Am very happy that you are doing many things to keep yourself occupied, and to keep researching and sharing with all. I think it would be good if you can rest more now,and convserve your energy/prepare your body for your China trip and journey ahead.

    May you be well and happy