Monday, November 7, 2011

Morning, Please Don't Come

I will do a short post today. This is quick rundown of my current health status:

Energy Level: Average. Feels tired as the day wears on.
Coughing: Occasionally. Small traces of blood found with white phlegm.
Weight: Lost 2 kgs to 64.5kg
Cancer Pain Score: 4 out of 10. Occasionally pain around the ribs, chest, back and abdomen area.
Leg Pain Score: 2 but will increase to 6 with too much walking.
Eating: Moderate. Not been eating well due to stomach upset.
Sleeping: Below average. Sleeping past 2am and getting up past 9am.
Emotional Well Being: Slightly depressed. Need a change in routine.
Overall: Good.

I wish the morning don't come so fast. I have not been getting enough sleep and some days, I only wake up at 11.30am. I will be tired is I don't get sufficient sleep. I have also stopped doing coffee enema for a week now as I ran out of organic coffee. I am expecting a new shipment to arrive tomorrow.


  1. Dear CT,reading your short n3 and the end results overall:good,i know you are coping with whatever is dish out to you.Keep up the strength and courage also keep doing what you are doing without let up and keep writing.One thing i find relaxing is to go somewhere nearby mall and just sit down with a cup of tea and watch the world go by and get the feeling that i am still a part of this world and that i exist and better off than millions of others.I did this when battling with the big C.REGARDS AND GOD BLESS AL MAL.

  2. Dear Al Mal,

    I was looking forwards to go to India for a change, take a break from my therapy and see how people live. But the pain on my legs may make it difficult. Anyhow, see how it goes the next week.

    Thanks for your encouragement.