Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Living With The Flow

I "met" a number of new friends via the email. Some of the them are cancer patients and I found out that these people are my "senior" in terms of years of having cancer. They have lived longer then me and it's nice of them to get in touch with me to share what they are doing. I could learn from these new friends and also some new therapies. One of them said about how to live longer "last time I always tell C patients if you can eat, don't worry so much, once you still can eat, your life won't be so short, as long as you continue eating the right food." I have also been receiving phone calls from people I don't know but many of them could not contact me early in the morning because I wake up rather late nowdays. Like today, a caller tried to call me at 6.51am. If you could leave a message or call me after 9am, that would be nice.

This afternoon, I have made an appointment with Dr Beh to learn more about HITV. It's not that I am going to do it but I just like to have a chance to an evaluation on this therapy so that I can also be included in one of my treatment options. But, it's not a cheap therapy. I was also informed that it may be difficult for people with big tumors to do this therapy but anyhow, there is no harm in getting more information. A few days back, I talk about revisiting surgery as a treatment option. Ever wonder why I went looking for 5 urologists? This is because each urologist gave me a different opinion. I think the second urologist from a Government hospital that I met was the worst. When I asked him about surgery, he gave me only gloomy outcome. He said I may not survive the surgery but I still remember something that he said that still have a deep impact on me. He said even if I did not die at the surgery table, there would be complications and I may have to live with the rest of my life with tubes connected to my abdomen. It frightened the shit out of me. At that time, it was only one month after I was diagnosed with cancer. Months later, I decided to find other urologists who would be friendlier and very optimistic about the surgery. I did find one urologist in Singapore. There were two other urologists that did not explore surgery with me because they said the surgery would not improve my survival chances. I would have a chat with them again possibly early next year.

So far, yet so near. Last Monday, I told my traveling group that I will not be going to India for pilgrimage. Everything was planned but one thing that I did not planned was my leg problem. Although my chiropractor said when the pain on my legs have moved to a new area was a good sign but it gave me new problems. Previously, I would only feel the pain when I walk or use my legs during lifting, etc. Now, the pain has shifted to the front of the thigh and side. Even when I am sitting or lying down, the pain will just come even when not moving my legs. Like last night, I slept rather early at around 11pm but I woke up due to leg pain in the middle of the night. After self massage, I managed to sleep back but then woke up again at about 5am, this time from pain on my back and abdomen around my kidney tumor area. My last physiotherapy session will end tomorrow while my chiropractic session will end next Tuesday. After that, it's back to the orthopedic surgeon for the next course of treatment. Looks likely he will recommend steroid injection.

The flood in Thailand has also affected my carrot supply. The shipment has stopped and now I have to look for more expensive alternatives sources from Australia. I scouted around and managed to find another locally grown carrot, slightly smaller in size than that from Thailand, but that will do for in the meantime.



  2. Hi CT
    Have you heard of La Jin etc?
    My mom has stage 4 lung cancer and I've been following your blog.
    Do check these self- healing therapies out, here is the link
    You are in my prayers, keep your eyes on the unseen Nothin' like faith.

  3. Hi CT,
    When was the last time you had a scan on your whole body condition? Do you have bone mets? I know you have decided against conventional treatment of chemo & radiation. And lived on Gerson therapy & you have been doing well save for recent problems with your leg. Wanted to let you that i have heard of a more serious case of kidney cancer where the tumour had caused the kidney to rupture, but the patient is now on full remission after chemo. The oncologist had prepared for his family that he may not lived past 1 month, as the patient was in severe condition. He didnt give up and went along with the chemo and the drugs did wonders.

  4. Thanks for your comments and also sharing a case with me and I am happy that he is now in remission.

    I think my case may be different from that you mentioned. First and more importantly, the tumors has metastasized extensively to my lungs. Secondly, my two oncologists (one from Singapore) ruled out chemotherapy as it will not help. I have 5 more urologists and all said surgery will not help and not willing to perform surgery for me unless I take the drug Sutent which can only extend my life by 3 months.

    In my case I have to look for other ways.

  5. Like the earlier comment, have you had a bone scan to confirm that it is not bone mets? Bone mets is dangerous in that it can cause fractures easily and is extremely painful in symptoms. Plus, chiropractors are not advisable if it's bone mets. But the good news is bone mets is not life threatening.

    I really admire you for being able to stick to Gerson therapy for 2 years. I'd also like to suggest a visit to Dr Ang Peng Tiam in Singapore to see if there is any chemotherapy treatment for you. I was diagnosed with liver mets BC 3.5 years ago and have been NED for almost 3 years. You can ask around to see how many persons like me are around..and you will know if you should pay him a visit. His treatments are expensive but a consultation is not. I'm not related to him nor to his clinic. Just a very broke living chronic BC patient..

  6. Hi CT

    Please delete my earlier comment (posted at 11.25pm) after you have read it:) I could not email you due to computer issues, hence had to post it here.


  7. I do not have bone metastasis.

    While I understand you had successes with chemotherapy, but RCC is different. You can check the kidney cancer sites to read more.

    I heard about Dr Ang and I have actually written something that he said in my blog but I have no wish to repeat it for the third time.

    There are those who believes in chemotherapy but I am one of the few who does not. I would like to leave it at that.

    There is nothing wrong with your comments, so I will leave it be. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Actually you will be surprised..I started out researching Gerson Therapy and TCM at the same time I started chemotherapy. I figured I was not going to get cured by chemotherapy and was hoping to visit Mexico for curative treatment. I eventually gave up on GT when I had success with chemotherapy..and the fact that GT is very tedious..that also explains why I said I admire your tenacity.

    I certainly respect your decision not to do chemotherapy and am not advocating that you should do chemotherapy. I was merely highlighting that new conventional treatment options are coming up every day and perhaps there could be something in store for you. Please do not rule these out, that's all:)

    FYI, my friend's father-in-law went to Dr Ang and she said he's quite a

  9. I know you meant well and I do check every now and then on the advancements in conventional kidney cancer therapy. Unfortunately up till now, there isn't anything new as far as drugs are concerned. What is also unfortunate is that I have yet to find another stage 4 kidney cancer patient that is still alive, that I can talk to or learn more from him/her.

    Frankly, nobody likes to do GT because it's not only an intensive regime, the diet is tasteless, one of the most patients find it difficult to take.