Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back Home Again

I decided not to continue the journey and fly back home .Thanks to a friend's friend, another Malaysia who is working in India, I spent a night at his apartment and rested quite well.  I arrived this morning and when I reached home, I went straight to bed and slept the whole day. However, there are still pain on my legs.

My friends continued their journey and are progressing well despite the train delays. On 20th November, 2011 I found out from the local newspapers that 7 people (including an Australian women) died in the Howrah-Dehradun Express on the way to Howrah, Kolkata. The fire, which broke out at around 3:00 am in B-1 AC coach and then spread to B-2 AC coach, was spotted between Gomo and Nimiaghat Railway stations. Police believe it would be the work of miscreants.

I am not suggesting traveling on Indian railways are dangerous. This trip has opened my eyes more, sort of gained more experience about rail travel in India.

I am still very tired despite the rest, so I will make a short post today and provide more details some other time.


  1. Chang,

    what a relief to learn u r home safely, u r indeed very bold,guess it is still a pilgrimage since there r things u hv learned,

    take good k then,


  2. Glad to know that you are home safely. Take care.

  3. Hi , Chang
    I follow your blog. I am happy to know that you are safe home.
    Thank God.