Monday, November 21, 2011

Greetings From Bodhgaya, India

Arrived safely at New Delhi Saturday. My hotel pickup failed to turn up on time at the airport. Anyway, managed to get the hotel and then we when shopping at the nearby baazar. In the evening, left for New Delhi Railway Staion and the platform was packed with thousands of passengers. Manged to board the train on time but was to happened was my an experience that I would never forget. Will write details later but for now, the train departed on time but but was delayed fro 10 hours along the way due to fog!

Hope to provide another update whenever possible.


  1. Have a safe and pleasant trip.

  2. Chang,

    Carry On my friend, good to hear from you.

    Never mind about those past, live today


  3. Dear CT,good to hear you arrived safely,keep going and remember not to let up,GO GO GO, and keep us informed if you have the chance,enjoy your trip.My prayers always for you,kind regards AL MAL.