Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greetings From Varanasi, India

The train delays have sort of upsetted the group travel plans. Anyway, I will try and do what I can under the circumstances. Last night I suffered a pain attack on my right chest and also on the my right back. Breathing was very difficult. My back is also killing me. My travel mates are now carrying my luggage for me. Have been on pain killers. As such, I am now contemplating whether to continue the journey or not, return to Delhi to rest or straight fly back to Malaysia.

I have also not read any of the comments since 19 November 2011. I will try to find sometime to do it because I am always rushing from place A to B. In short, every thing seems to be delayed and the journey is not smooth.


  1. Dear CT,just go with your feelings and flow,if you feel you had enough and want to come home just do it,and if you feel up to it to carry on then do just that,go with the flow of your own body signs and language,we are behind you with prayers come whatever your AL MAL.

  2. Chang,

    Is it advisable to fly in this condition? Believe it is the lung issue. Presumably yr friends would come back together too, take k, I pray for you too, rgds, kokpiew

  3. Is there medical access near to where you are heading? Given your condition, it is critical to have access to medical service, clean water, hygiene & some travel comfort. Stressing your body is probably a bit risky