Friday, October 21, 2011

A Short Break From Routine

Yesterday night, I did not do much better, I slept around 3am. Looks like I will pay a visit to my doctor to get some sleeping pills. I hope with a few days supply, I would be able have some regular sleeping time. My sleeping time seems to have changed after I took low dose naltrexone (LDN) last November. Since I took LDN, I was sleeping around 2am everyday and subsequently I stopped taking the drug after 3 months, I did not managed to sleep back at 11pm. Prior to LDN days, I would sleep by 11pm. Sigh.

I will be traveling to Ipoh after lunch today. I will take a break from blogging for two days (Saturday and Sunday) because the course venue does not have Internet access. So, I will not be taking my notebook along. The venue is held at a farm like environment. I hope the lectures will be held in a cave. Yes, you read correctly, a cave! That place is full of nature with a limestone hill as a backdrop. I will take some picture and upload them so that you can see.

I will make the post short today because there are a number of errands I must run before I leave town. I hope you all will have a relaxing weekend.


  1. Hi CT,

    Yes the limestone caves in Ipoh are scenic, serene and very cooling. Hope you have a good weekend too and will catch up with your sleep. Best regards.

  2. Concerning the Iridology course in Ipoh this weekend; I saw a segment of the Dr.Oz show...where a famous Dr. Mosaraf Ali (practitioner to many wealthy and famous people) uses iridology as one of his methods of determining areas of illnesses in people.

  3. Hi CT...

    You really have my respect maintaining your blog while enduring the worst sickness man ever wish not have! I did a search on your posts about fasting... seems that you are not into it yet.

    I am a person who believe in natural healing with logic and common sense. So IMO, I believe fasting really does help. And if SSG is an anti-oxidant... continue taking it seriously even if it is very cooling... I am no expert but I just use my common sense.

    Have a read...