Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dawn of Change

I am tired. I have not been able to sleep early these days and as a result I am still waking up late in the morning. I try not to sleep during the daytime in the hope that I will sleep earlier but it's seems not to be working. As a result, I am just feeling tired.

My back and abdomen hurts a little when I sit for too long, especially when the posture is not correct. I have to then lie down on the bed to 'straighten the back out'. I asked the psychotherapist how many more session of traction I must undergo? She said normally, between six to 10 session. After which she said if there is still no response, then the doctor will probably recommend pain killer, injection or surgery. I have completed 3 sessions and will be going for my forth tomorrow. Same goes for my chirotherapy. Anyway, there have been improvements and not just I am walking better, the pain level has also come down.

In about a month's time, I will be leaving for India. I look forward to visiting New and Old Delhi. Recently, there has been a slight change in applying for Indian Visa. Now the applicants have to apply online and submit a print copy of the online application. The traveling group will be submitting the application next week.

Actually, I have a much longer post today but at the 11th hour, I have decided not to include some information about my beloved country, Malaysia. Somehow, the politicians have very short memory. Although what I am about to say is not new, I hope to keep reminding Malaysians what's becoming of Malaysia. Make sure you exercise your vote in the coming general election. I will cast my vote if I still have a breath of air left!

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