Tuesday, October 11, 2011

So What's New?

Another busy day for me. After my morning routine, I went to the hospital to get a second opinion on my protruding disc problem. My orthopedic surgeon said my problem is not that serious and started me on physiotherapy (traction) for four sessions and also gave me new medication called Ultracet which is made of 37.5mg tramadol HCI and 325mg paracetamol. I am to continue with Neurobion and Gabapentin until my current supply runs out. After consultation, I went to the Rehabilitation Center to start my physiotherapy. The physiotherapist took some basic particulars on my present condition including my tumors location and whether I had surgery or not. Then she taught me three simple exercises to do at home. After that, she started me on the traction therapy for 20 minutes. She said since this is my first time, she will start off with lighter weight. I did not feel any discomfort throughout the session.

After lunch, I proceeded to IMU for my chiropractic session. My doctor told me that my back muscles seems to be more relaxed. He said he will continue to work on it. I told him I did not feel much improvements except for my left leg. He said that is good. After the session, he loan me a book called The Miracle of Fasting by Paul and Patricia Bragg. He said I could try fasting to detox and recharge my health. I thought it would be good to read another health book to learn more about fasting and how it affects the body. I thank him for his gesture and said I will return the book when I meet him during the next consultation which is this Friday.

2012 Malaysian Burger (oops sorry, Budget)
I thought I would say a little about the 2012 Malaysian Budget. What's my take on it? Nothing spectacular and perhaps one of the worst I have seen so far. It's nothing more than an election budget giving more burger handouts to the underprivileged voters to ease their cost of living. The only transformation that the budget was designed to achieve are to transform some of the votes to the ruling coalition.

Should you be afraid? The Government's 2012 expenditure is to rise by 9.4%, the deficit to be funded by borrowings. Don't forget that budget overruns as high as 30% are normal for the successive ruling coalition's administration. As of June 2010, National debt is now at all time high of RM592.8 billion. A number of Government departments were privatised over the years, so their debt gets reclassified as commercial debt. Elsewhere in the world, most are reporting lower growth for 2012 while Malaysia is forecasting a bumper harvest of 5-6% growth. Malaysia Boleh!

After the 13th General Election what is to be expected? I looked into the gotcha ball and this is what I saw. Implementation of GST and increase in fuel prices.

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