Monday, October 24, 2011

A Weekend In The Woods

I really had a swell time at Ipoh. My course mates (including two from Singapore) were really cheerful and a playful lot. As a result the two days course was really lively and enjoyable. Most of my course mates are already practitioners (acupuncturists, ayurveda, herbalists and two allopathic doctors) except a few of us.

I have taken a quite a number of photos of the site but I only posted only a few here.

The photograph on top shows the name of the Academy that I went for my course. To the left of the Academy is a clinic.

Just behind the academy, you will see lots of trees and also a limestone hill. This place is so full of trees. Three acres of trees and herbs!

I told the trainer's assistant that this place will be suitable to be used as a health spa (similar to the Gerson Clinic in Mexico).

To the left of the limestone hill, there are more trees!

This is the cave I was telling you about. I do not get the opportunity to explore. The class was not held in the cave though.
Two new additions to the family of dogs that resides inside the Academy.

To the left of the Academy and clinic, another road leading to the main residence of the trainer and my herbalist doctor.

The path leading to my hut where I spend the night. Behind the hut where I stayed is the cave.

The place is quite cooling at night, there is no need to use air-conditioning. I slept well despite only basic amenities.  This place is not for the faint hearted because the creepy crawlies are out all over at night.


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  2. Dear Dina,

    Thank you for your comments. I just want you to know I have read that article and also read many other articles about the habanero pepper cure. I had also followed some forums about this cure.

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  3. Good to get out of the house. And intobush. Houses have lots of toxicity .