Monday, October 10, 2011

Rainy Spell Forecasted

Of late, my posts seems like an old broken record that keeps on replaying. That because the same problems that has not been resolved. Since I stopped taking the Pregabalin pain killer, my breathing has returned to normal. The current drug that I am taking Neurontin (Gabapentin) seems to affect me more as I feel drowsy after taking it. Pregabalin gives me lesser drowsiness but it affects my breathing. I am caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. I am taking two tablets a day but it is not helping me to control the pain at all. I think increasing my dosage to say four a day, I am afraid, I will be like the "Sleeping Beauty", sleeping most of the time.

I think my current sleepy spell is due to the pain killer drug Gabapentin that I am taking. I seems to be sleepy most of the time, just lie in be and I will dose off. Sounds good but then I will miss drinking my juices. Resting is good but there is a tread-off for me because my "medication" are the juices and the supplements that I take. If I am sleeping, I cannot take my "medication".

I wrote a DOS software program for a client in 1991 and over the years the program was updated into the Windows version in around 1996. They have been trying to contact me to make changes to the 20 year old program! I have forgotten most of the source code (and the Visual FoxPro programming language as well) and the notebook where I used to developed the program is not now accessible. They have also lost the installation diskette and now want to reinstall on newer computers. Anyway, I told them I will meet them and try to do whatever I can. I never thought the program would survive that long.

Of late, I have been receiving nothing but bad news. Last week, one of my ex colleague now in his late 50s was diagnosed with cancer after he was warded into a hospital when his intestines burst! Doctor gave him six months and he is now undergoing chemotherapy. My backdoor neighbor's brother in his early 60s also passed away after a eight month fight with throat cancer while still undergoing radiotherapy.  On 14 September, I met a patient in his 50s and today, my hypnotherapist informed me that he has passed away on 8 October 2011.


  1. I am on gapentin 2 tabs twice a day (4 tabs a day) i am not feeling overly sleepy at all.

  2. 8 october 2010. wow... tats over a year ago.

  3. 肺结核:甘草50克。每日1剂,煎计分3次服用。

  4. Hey, CT how often do you go for MRI scan?

  5. This MRI scan is done only for the purpose of finding what's troubling my back (lumbar spine area) so that I can get the appropriate treatment.

    I used to take CT scans quite regularly in 2010 (once in 6 months) but I have stopped taking scans anymore unless it is absolutely required. This is because I am on alternative therapy and it would not matter what the scan results it. Life goes on for me.