Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Joke Is On Me

I think Sabah Snake Grass (SSG) has taken Malaysia by storm. Everybody with cancer seems to be taking it. At one point in time, I took it too. I was desperate too.  Now some enterprising people are making it into teabags and in pill form. They can now export. Innovative and enterprising growers. Last I heard, there is a shortage and price is increasing. What's worrying is that some people are taking SSG as the magic cancer  bullet. They are doing nothing else. What's the healers' code? You don't gamble with people's life.

I guess the joke is on me because once upon a time, I was promoting it too. This was until I had my own problems and met some herbalist doctors. I  am not saying it don't work. That the usage is not correct and to continuing taking it without care of the side effects. My herbalist doctor said during my Iridology training last week why certain people changed their career and are in the health care business? This is because they have experienced pain. They know what pain is all about and now they want to do something about it. Anyway, people have every right to do what they see fit.

I have been having stomach discomfort for the past week especially after dinner time. I would feel very uncomfortable and have to lie down. I have also been feeling a little lousy. I also found out that this is my best time to sleep, only I can't. Else I would starring at the ceiling for hours in the night. I have also started taking my Tramadol HCI, just before bedtime. Well I spent quite a bit to see the orthopedic surgeon and he recommended me physiotherapy and medication. I thought I should at least give the medication a try before I meet him next, which is after my trip back from India.

A Little Joke
I was reading theStar online when I came across an article titled Rosnah: We have highest number of obese people in region. Apparently Malaysia are the top sixth in Asia of obese people in the region. Deputy Health Minister Rosnah said her ministry hopes to reduce this target by 30%. Her intentions are good. But wait! They also published a photograph of her undertaking a medical checkup. You can see those spare tyres. How about leadership by example?


  1. Hi CT,
    I have been taking SSG for 6 weeks and I didnt see any result . So do you think I should stop taking it. The phlegm that I splilt out consist of clog blood. I am a stage 1 breast cancer patient. In fact I have seen 3 specialist but they cannot give me any answer???????

  2. Hi Karen,

    I think for Stage 1 breast cancer, your prognosis should be very good. I am not sure what you meant "specialist" and I think you should consider conventional treatment options besides alternative before you decide. How long ago was your diagnosis and what kind of diet are you on now? Standard conventional treatment options are mastectomy with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. I also know of people that just went for mastectomy alone.

    SSG does not work for everyone and it depends on your body's constituency. Getting lots of phlegm is common since SSG is very cooling. Do you cough blood stained phlegm before you started SSG? You may want to consider stopping SSG for a while and see if you still blood stained phlegm?

  3. Hi CT,

    Good morning, thanks for replying. I started the standard conventional treatment that is the radiotherapy and chemotherapy in February 2009. After the treatment that is in August 2009 I have a lot of blood stained phlegm ( brownish and hard looks like the scar of the healing wound). I have consulted 2 ENTand I did the biopsy but they could not solve my problem.

    I have consulted Chinese sinseh but the problem cannot be solved. I am very desperate and just don't know what to do. This morning my friend ask me to consider stem cell. What is your advise?

  4. Dear Karen,

    Have you taken a CT scan on your chest to determine if your chemotherapy and radiotherapy was successful? At the same time, you want to rule out any problems with your chest walls, lymph nodes and the lungs from the scan. What was the result of the biopsy?

    I think you ought to do some scans first to determine your actual problem before you try any further treatment. Talk to your oncologist to determine the appropriate scans to take. There is no point in guessing as it will only prolong your agony.

  5. Dear CT,

    Sorry to disturb you but I need somebody to discuss about my problem. I just don't want my family members to worry . In fact I I have taken the CT scan on my lungs, brain, throat and is clear. The cancer didn't spread to any of the lymph nodes.

  6. Dear Karen,

    That's very good news form the scan. But keeping all these to yourself is not so good for you.

    Why don't we take this offline? Please write to me at I can also put in touch with a breast cancer survivor so that you can learn from her what she did.

  7. Hope this helps. Read up this book. Be Your Own Doctor Let Living Food Be Your Medicine by Dr Ann Wigmore (founder of Hippocrates Health Institute, Boston)