Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Treasure The Current Moment

I have been running out of quota almost every month on my 3GB broadband subscription. Like today, even trying to get to compose a "New Post", the page takes forever to load. I also get the annoying message every time I surf " Your quota has been exceeded, do you want to buy more quota?" Anyway I will stick to my basic subscription until I find something that I think is worth while subscribing.

Although I had a good weekend, I found that sitting for two days continuously on a chair is a little tiring on my back. I think I may have problems attending courses longer than three days in a row. I was a little worried over the weekend because of my sleeping problems. Perhaps,its the change of environment, I slept very well. Maybe I was tired but it did not matter. I just slept when I went to bed. During the last three days, I just ate vegetarian food. This was the best food I could get though it's not on my approved list of foods. Sometimes, I feel I am under house arrest by my therapy. I just could not get out or go anywhere. Anyway, like last weekend and next month, I will take some risks and breakaway from my routine.

My friend and I left Ipoh at about 11.30am yesterday. Then we detoured to a market where my friend told me that there is something I must do. He took me to see a fortune teller. A man in his 60s, ply his trade once a week (only on Mondays) at a spot under a big tree. Apparently, I was informed at times, a bus load of people will turn up to see him. He uses a queue system and we took our queue numbers and adjourned to a nearby coffee shop for breakfast and brunch for me. We had to wait for about an hour before our turn came. I told the fortune teller I was interested to know about my health. The fortune teller uses the normal playing cards to read the prediction. I was asked to take 1 card and subsequently 3 cards. All I can say is that his reading of my past to present was rather accurate. At one point, he whispered to me something and then said I am very serious about what I just said to you (about my future). I told him "I believe you". I have not said anything about my cancer and he seems to know. What about my future? Continue to read this blog and you will find out. I am still making my future!

By the time I reached home, it was almost 8pm. Why did the journey it take so long? Well we had many stops along the way. My friend needs his puffs and we spend lots of time stopping at resting areas and chatting. Later I also had dinner with him. Well, I have to thank him for taking me around and putting me up at his place for two days. I was rather tired by the time I reached home. After a rest, I took a shower and quickly wiped myself dry because I was feeling a little chilly. I was shivering a little and feeling a little feverish. I took a bowl of oats and went to bed immediately. I almost slept immediately.


  1. It is good to get out of the house. As doctor hulda clark believed that cancer is due to environmental factors. Your two days away from home was good.
    For example, after reading the doctors books , I believe my sisters cancer started with petrol fumes entering the house and having a cat that entered their house via a kitchen window. The cat bought its germs into the house and got into her body. The combined pollution and germs gave her cancer.
    This caught be a factor for you.

  2. I want to know what the fortune teller said. You can't do that to us. I know your life is an internet soap but I want to know.

  3. Curiosity kills the cat! Just a whisper will do! I won't tell!