Friday, October 14, 2011

Towards an End Game

So I am now in the 25th month of therapy. So what does that mean? It depends on how one looks at it.  First off, kidney cancer is not an easy cancer to cure. Well, to survive this long, it most likely mean that the therapy that I am on is working, at least it prevented the tumors from spreading. There are a number of options available to me now:
  1. I could just just continue my present therapy until either my immune system recovers and then kills of the tumors or the tumors have the better of me as my body weakens over time fighting the tumors. It's like in a tug-of war, where neither side wins but it takes a lot of energy to maintain that status.
  2. I could supplement my therapy with something stronger to give an additional boost but which adjunct therapy is suitable for me?
  3. I could go for radical nepherctomy in the hope that the removal of the kidney tumors, my body has less tumors to deal with. This is on condition that my body can take the open surgery and also does not weaken after the surgery. Otherwise, the tumors may spread when the body is weak. Statistically, those who operated did not have good survival rates.
  4. I could just change to another therapy that is deemed more effective. There are so many out there, which is suitable? Would it be wise to abandoned something that seems working for another therapy to start all over again?
These are not easy options to choose, at least for me. It seems obvious that option 2 is the safest. Oh, I forgot, it's takes a lot of money to continue with any of the above options, at least for an unemployed person like me. How much, about RM5K (US$1,540) a month to sustain the above therapy. A few days ago, a friend texted me and asked me how can I sustain paying all the hospital bills now that I have no income? A friend visited me yesterday evening and we also discussed the same question. I take a step at a time, meaning I try to do what's best for myself when I can still afford. When my funds run out, then I will just go to the Government hospitals and take non organic foods and also take minimum or no supplements. Does not sound like a good end game but this is life.

Meanwhile, I live my life to the best and as happy as I can. Occasionally, If my health permits, I will travel a little too.

A friend emailed me some cartoons. Thought I share one here.

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  1. Please dont talk like that, You have more resources than you reveal to your readers.

  2. You have more resources than you reveal, Its a matter of whether you want to make use of them.