Monday, October 3, 2011

Lessons Not Learned

The last few days, my legs were giving me a lot of pain, especially if I walk a little too much. My left knee joint is painful when I exert a little pressure on it, which makes climbing up and down from stairs a difficult tasks. The nerves on my right leg stretching from the hip/butt area down to my knee hurts real bad. Every time I cough, it disturbs the nerves and also hurts so much so I don't dare to cough.Tomorrow, I hope my orthopedic surgeon would be able to give me some treatment opinions.

I have not been sleeping very well and spend my early nights massaging the legs. I have been trying to change my biorhythm which has been out since November 2010 this year when I started the LDN drug. I hope to be able to sleep back at normal sleeping hours and not like now sleeping and waking up at irregular hours.

My breathing is slightly better but there are times I noticed it's rather heavy. This is especially if I am under stress. Last night my back was also hurting and I think that was due to my posture and also lack of rest during the day. Normally I would just lie down and rest by back a few times in the day but yesterday I did not.

I have been coughing a lot these days and on hard coughs, I noticed traces of fresh blood in my otherwise white phlegm. It may sound strange but I think after two years on the Gerson therapy, my body may not be able to take the cold juices which I freshly pressed from the vegetables and fruits that are kept refrigerated all day. My body may have weakened over the last two years and I am now drinking some ginger tea in the hope to neutralise the "cooling" effect of the juices.

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