Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To Where It Goes

Last week, my friend Yeong had a chat with me. He said he was worried that I am taking too many pain killers for my leg problems. I told him that I have stopped taking Pregabalin and so far I only took Tramadol HCL+Paracetamol once only. I still take Neurobion and one Gabapentin tablet nightly for another week. I will only take Tramadol HCL+Paracetamol when necessary, if I can't stand the pain. My doctor has recommended that I take 3 times daily but I did not take because it would make me very drowsy. My doctor is surprised that I complained as none of his patients reported similar side effect. When I cough, the pain in my groin area is still unbearable. I have found that if I pressed my body against my thigh tightly when I cough, the pain is milder. My lungs feels congested all the time as if something is affecting the air intake. I breath rather heavy at times. I can't even do deep breathing exercise now because every time I try and take a deep breath, my chest feels constricted. Under the Gerson Therapy, patients are not recommended to take any form of medication. This is because the body has undergone detoxification and any medical drugs are bound to affect the patient.

I have been feeling a little tired lately. Yesterday evening, I was feeling a little hungry and so grabbed a piece of sprouted bread to eat. I did examine the bread to ensure that it's not moldy before I ate it. I then took a second slice and also examined it but this time I found the bread has molds on it. That also meant the earlier slice had molds just that I did not see it. True enough, I have a slight stomach upset just before dinner. I went my bed to lie down while waiting for the stomach to improve. Two things that still bugs me is the tingling pin like painful sensation that I sometimes experienced on my rib area. It just come and go in a few seconds but when it strike, I find my body would freeze during those few seconds. The other is the occasionally pain on my right abdomen, the same place where my kidney tumor is.

Other than the above complaints, I feel good. The last week or so, the sun has been shining rather brightly, warming the atmosphere. Then the wind begins to blow. I could feel the warmth of the air and it gives me a nice sensation. It is during such times, my mind will wonder that Chinese New Year (CNY) must be just around the corner but it is not. I enjoyed CNY best when I was a kid. I get to eat chicken and drink carbonated drinks (once a year affair) and of course, getting the red packets. Normally, such feelings comes around mid November and December but this year, I have been feeling it a little early. I have this feeling of nostalgia and I don't know why. My heart is telling me to do a little more traveling next year. I have set my sights on at least three places, a temple about two hours from Bangkok, my grandfather's hometown in Daipu, China and Ladakh, India.

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  1. Hi CT ... keep your mind, spirit & body on target !