Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Creating A New Path

Yesterday, I went for my IV Vitamin C (IVVC) + B12 therapy. I am doing IVVC twice a week, each time 45g of Vitamin C or 90g per week. My doctor was happy to see me and I am also very happy to see him. He said I look about the same as that last time he saw me about three months ago. My doctor said, the IVVC will enhance the effectiveness of metronomic chemotherapy but at the same time reduces the side effects. I was feeling very thirsty during the IVVC and the nurse gave me a lot of water to drink. This evening I was not only feeling a little chilly and feverish, but a bit of pain around my stomach region as if small needles was being poked around the area. My doctor said after the IVVC, I could have this chilly feeling. This can be managed by wearing additional clothing or using hot water packs. I will monitor the progress of therapy goes before I decide to increase the dosage to three times a week.

I have been resting a lot of late and in particular since I came back from Thailand. I have been napping in the afternoons. The only problem is the pain from the abdomen area. So, as usual the painkillers to the rescue. I am quite happy not just because I am still alive but I feel good. I think my current therapies are helping.

I have already planned my next trip to China which will take place around the third week of August. This is the first time I will be traveling with my parents as well as my siblings to visit our ancestral village in Dabu, Meizhou. Being of Hakka heritage, I thought it was good for us to visit our ancestral homes and see how people live there. Sample the Hakka food and see the differences, if any to the food that my mother cooked here. I was told the Dabu Hakka spoken there is authentic while the Dabu Hakka that I speak has been mixed with Cantonese. Of course, not forgetting to visit the Hakka Tulou or earth dwellings.


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    1. Hi John,

      The B12 is actually Vitamin B12 solution. My doctor said B12 is good for formation of red blood cells, as well as the health of nerve tissue. So during the IVVC, the B12 solution is injected into the Vitamin C solution and administered together.