Thursday, May 3, 2012

Body Puzzle

For over the past two weeks, I have had something strange happening to me. I am sweating only on the left side of my body. The head, the left back, left hand and all the way down to the left leg. These parts would sweat profusely, especially after I wake up in the morning. I always wonder why. So I look up in the Net for some answers and this is one of the probable cause, anhidrosis. This condition is marked by an inability to sweat, causing the body to overheat and difficulty cooling down. In mild cases it may only affect one part of the body or small patches. In severe forms, the entire body may be affected. It may be the result of nerve damage, certain medications, skin damage, dehydration, genetic factors and more. Anhidrosis can also cause hyperhidrosis of the areas of the body that are able to sweat. This is characterized by profuse sweating. It can affect patches of the body, half or the entire body depending on the severity. While the exact cause of hyperhidrosis remains unknown, hyperactivity of the sympathetic nervous system due to a variety of triggers has been found in these patients.

Then on 1st May, I started taking the cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) drug, I noticed my left side sweating has stopped. Instead, I find my right leg getting warmer. This drug is giving me some hot and cold sensations, much like fever, very uncomfortable. At the same time, my right abdominal area is still giving me some pain. After I take the pain killer, Ultracet, the fever and the pain seems to be under control.

I have also been sleeping rather well, not just at night but even in the afternoon. I like to take a nap just after lunch and sometimes, I only wake up at 5pm thought most of the time, I will try to get up by 3.30pm. I don't know what's happening but I am not complaining. But my appetite has not been good. I find most days, I seems to have trouble eating but I will still try eat as much as I can.

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