Friday, June 1, 2012

Charting My Own Destiny

I thought I would give an update on my current status.

The Problem
Primary site:
Right kidney tumor, size of 12.5cm at time of discovery (September 2009). Completed right kidney tumor ablation (HIFU) in December 2011.
Secondary sites:
Over 43 nodes evenly spread all over the left and right lungs at time of discovery. A new node was discovered at the T6 area in July 2010 and also a lymph node, size of a small marble on the left collar bone. A new node size of about 4cm was discovered on the upper right lung in December 2011.
Bone metastases:
Tumors on left knee joint confirmed in January 2012 and the right pelvic bone in April 2012.
Quite extreme pain felt on my right abdominal area, on my left knee joint and right pelvic area. Taking a combination of tramadol hcl/paracetamol and oxycordene hcl painkillers to manage pain.
Very poor. No conventional treatment available. Whatever the conventional doctors recommends are only to prolong life by a few months.

Gerson diet. Currently adding steam fish to my diet for the purpose of increasing my weight. Once my target weight has been achieved, will revert to the Gerson diet.
Conventional treatment:
Taking the drugs ibandronate (one tablet, 150mg per month) and clyclophosphamide (50mg per day). Suspended taking cimetidime for the time being.
Alternative treatment:
Partial Gerson supplements (pancreatin, liver pills, acidoll pepsin, k-salt and niacin), melatonin (5mg) and germanium. Chinese herbs. IV Vitamin C + B12 therapy.

As you can see, I have not moved away from Gerson therapy completely. It's still form the base on my therapy. Along the way, I have tried some other therapies as well. The current conventional treatment that I am now taking is recommended by my doctor from New York and is based on "off label" drugs.

Is The Therapies Working?
Well, I can't give a yes or no answer. According to my doctors, by right, I am supposed to have gone long ago but here I am still alive and kicking. So, I would say the therapies are somewhat working. Somewhat working because I am not cured yet nor am I under remission. I can only say what I have done so far have prolonged my life.

I am creating a new path for myself and hope that it will lead to somewhere.


  1. Hi Chang,

    Well done! Keep it up.

  2. cancer patients armed with knowledge and who takes ownership of his/her own conditions tend to do better than those who don't. you are doing great!

    regards, fellow stage4 cancer patient.

  3. Hi Uncle! Happy to know that you are doing great!
    May God bless you always!


  4. Hi CT,

    you are doing great! Happy for you!

    Best wishes,


  5. just cheering and praying for you on the sideliness.