Sunday, May 20, 2012

Breaking Rules and Taking Risks

Last night at about 11pm, I had a pain attack again. The right abdominal area at the moment is giving much of the dull pain. I quickly took a painkiller and it helped a bit but after the hour, I reaslised that the pain is not going to go away. So, I waited for a while longer before I took the stronger Oxynorm painkiller. By then, it was already 1am. This is one a type of medicine called an opioid painkiller that is related to morphine. It gives instant relief and soon, my pain was under controlled. I don't like to take such strong pain killers because it dulls my mind and puts me in a drowsy mode. This drug is addictive just like taking morphine. But I guess when I am using it for pain management, I have to take the risk. This is why I only take it on a need basis. I could not sleep well as I was a little high on the drug, hallucinating and my mind was spinning. I remember smiling, feeling happy and gay. This morning, I have a hangover.

Since I started taking the painkillers on a regular basis, I found myself resting and sleeping much more. Between the hours of 10am to 12 noon and 2pm to 6pm, I would be lying down resting and most times, falling asleep. I am now adverse to cold. The warm weather acted like a comforter for me. However, I was sweating profusely but that did not bothered me. I felt like a baby, appreciating the rest I was getting.

My appetite has improved slightly after I started taking sourish things such as pineapple. I also started taking brown rice porridge instead and this helped in the digestion. Since I started the Gerson diet after having cancer, I have been able to follow the diet religiously. Of late, I have been breaking some of the diet rules. I am taking steamed fish to improve my weight. A few days back, I was craving for a simple dish called Hokkien fried big noodles at about 11pm in the night! I never had such cravings before. The battle of the mind began. Of course, in the end, I did not give in. But I have been wondering why I am having such cravings? Is it a signal from my body that I need some change? Heck, I told myself. I will take a break.

The word “cravings” is not code for lack of willpower. Cravings could be signs of hormonal issues, which are often tied to inadequate nutrition. Some of these imbalances even involve the neurotransmitters in the brain. A third option traces cravings to issues with adrenal function. Cravings mean that the body has its signals mixed up. When you are tired or sad, you will have low blood sugar and/or low serotonin (a “feel-good” brain neurotransmitter). Hormonal imbalance or weak digestion can lead to low serotonin.

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  1. Hi Chang,

    I know our friend Gary will be reading this. Yes Gary, please prepare Hokkien Chow KL style for Chang,deliver to his home, and send the bill to me!!