Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Taking It Easy

I have been resting for the last two days, mainly sleeping. I think it must have been the medication that I have been taking. Not only I feel sleepy, I have this feverish feeling that makes me feel very uncomfortable. I have been taking 3 pain killers a day, every 8 hours and it helps to keep the pain and fever down. Some readers have written to me wondering what happened to me. Other that the above, I am feeling very good. I have not let all these keep my spirits down.

I will make a short post today and would like to share the following with you.

Modern industrial society is a fanatical religion. We are demolishing, poisoning, destroying all life-systems on the planet. We are signing lOUs our children will not be able to pay... We are acting as if we were the last generation on the planet. Without a radical change in heart, in mind, in vision, the earth will end up like Venus, charred and dead.


  1. Hi CT ... how right you are ! Especially those unscrupulous politicians !

    Glad to hear your spirits is still good !

    Best wishes,


  2. Hi Chang,

    Keep going. We are listening, and learning from you.