Friday, May 25, 2012

Calm After the Rain

One of the therapies that I am revisiting is the IV vitamin C (IVVC) therapy. According to a report published by The Center for Improvement Functioning, International, Inc., Bio-Communications Research Institute which for over 15 years studied high dose intravenous ascorbic acid (IAA) as an adjunctive therapy for cancer patients. They found that ascorbic acid is preferentially toxic to tumor cells suggesting that it could be useful as a chemotherapeutic agent. Summarising approximately 50 patients with cancer, they concluded that tumor cells are more susceptible to the effects of high-dose, ascorbate-induced peroxidation products because of a relative catalase deficiency and concentrations of ascorbate high enough to kill tumor cells likely can be achieved in humans. Certain cancers may not respond so well to IAA therapy. They also highlighted two cases of metastatic renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer), considered a uniformly untreatable disease. Because the results were so dramatic, people with this disease could potentially benefit from most from IAA treatment. You can read the full report here.

I will be re-starting my IVVC therapy (two times a week),  later today and see how it goes from there. I like to work this friendly doctor which I am currently seeking treatment for my IVVC therapy.

My current stock of oxycodone hydrochloride painkillers is running out and one of my doctor has recommended codeine sulfate as replacement. Codeine sulfate is a water-soluble salt of monomethylmorphine, an alkaloid derived from opium. I just realised that I need to have a constant supply of painkillers. What I discovered is that every time I run out of supplies, I will have to visit the hospital and get a prescription and then buy from the hospital pharmacy. My regular pharmacist does not stock or sell those opioid derived painkillers. Painkillers are now part of my regular diet. I was wondering whether there is an easier way where I can get my supply of painkillers.

All it's not so bad. I am going for another short trip again, also to Betong, Southern Thailand. My friends have invited me to be their guide and this time, we are going with a slightly bigger group. I will be away this weekend and only back on Monday.



    please read and study the protocols above,I have used the first one the soda bicarb and I'm okay till now since Oct 2010

    I hope you will consider accepting Jesus Christ as God he can heal you as he has healed me.Just pray and ask him for healing.

  2. Hi CCT, glad to know you are not letting the pain take control of your life. Have a good trip to Betong. Will be back to Msia in Aug. Let me know if you need anything from HK. Me, my hubby and daughter are with you always. Love, SY.