Monday, May 28, 2012

Food Glorious Food

I just came back from an enjoyable trip to Betong, Thailand. There were 11 of us traveling in 3 cars. Traffic along the North South Highway was quite heavy. Driving in Betong is pleasurable because there are not many cars on the road and everyone is not rushing.  I did not exert myself very much during the trip. However, I did walk a bit and my legs are a little sore. Otherwise, I felt good. I think it's good to get away from my daily routine once in a while. I am still afraid of the cold. The air-conditioner in my room were just a bit too strong for me after my bath and during the nights. So my friend who is my roommate has to bear with me as I set the room temperature to about 25°C during the nights. Luckily he slept very well on both nights and were not affected by the warmer room temperature.

The trip was free and easy with no itinerary planned other than the destination and the place to stay. I was lucky to have booked the rooms earlier as I was informed during check-in that no rooms were available to those who did not booked. The reason was that there were 3 bus loads of Malaysian tourists who were also staying at the same hotel. Besides going for prayers, this was also a  gourmet trip. Though I could not partake in many of the foods, I am happy that my friends enjoyed themselves very much.

Last Saturday was a bad night for me as I was retiring to bed, the pain from my abdomen became unbearable. I had to take double painkillers to control the pain but that resulted in drowsiness and I had some problems sleeping and only managed to fall asleep past 3.30am. But last night, I slept well. I did not even wake up for my night urine and I felt recharged this morning.

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  1. Going to other countries and enjoying their cuisines and delicacies. Nothing is better than that.