Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Today is a public holiday in Malaysia. This is to commemorate the installation of the 14th Supreme Head of Malaysia (Malay: Yang di-Pertuan Agong Malaysia) or most would call the King of Malaysia, not an exact equivalent translation. Malaysia has a unique system in the world where the nine Sultans of the Malay States would elect a reigning Sultan of one of the nine Malay States to sit in the throne for a period of five years, to be rotated so that each Sultan would have an opportunity to sit on the throne.

For me, there is no difference whether today is a public holiday or not. Life goes on for me, just like yesterday, today or tomorrow, when it comes. However, I do enjoy the easy traffic as everyone is taking a rest and the roads are not congested. After lunch, I was feeling really tired. I have not felt like that for a long time. So I went for a rest and slept for the most of the afternoon and only woke up about 6pm. I thought of continuing to sleep but I have to wake up for dinner. I was also coughing. As usual with blood in the phlegm. Yesterday, I was doing a little exercise on my right leg lying down and I did something stupid. I bent my knee a little too much and I got a sharp excruciating pain. My right leg has been feeling painfully sore since then. I feel weak and experiencing bone pain around my left shoulder region. Not surprising since the cancer has spread to my bones. I think the pain on my body is getting more serious. After dinner, I took a pain killer. A painful day for me as a whole. I think it's time I re-look at pain management more seriously. Maybe, I will register with hospice.

Today is my 31st month in the journey. After sleeping so much in the afternoon, I think I will have a no sleep night.


  1. Learn from yesterday
    Live for today
    Save for tomorrow

    Sound familiar to you? Hahaha!!!

    See you soon.


  2. hi chang,

    have you tried soaking your feet and legs on warm water with epsom salt? and also using bentonite clay pack.. it always works for me and gives me some relief.. just want to remind you about the Mercury detox protocol... leg pain is one of the symptoms of mercury toxicity.. hope you give Andy Cutler protocol a try..


  3. Hi CT ,
    Maybe you should take Transamin to stop the bleeding in your lung.
    Once bleeding stop , you will have less cough . This is from my experience dealing with cough , phlegm and bleeding .
    Wish my sharing help you.