Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Self Therapy

I just got my latest blood test results. There are some good and bad news. The bad news are some old items such as my hemoglobin, RBC and PCV , HDL cholesterol and GGT levels are out the range. Two new items, the lymphocytes and ALP are also now out of range. The good news is that my ESR, Erythrocytes and Urea are now back in range. The ALP could be due to my bone metastasis. I am continuing to lose blood and now considered moderate anemic. My ESR improved possibly due to the kidney tumor ablation. Need to increase my intake of B12 because the red cells shows poikilocytosis and also liquid chlorophyll to increase my RBC.

Anyway, I will be sending my blood test results to my doctor in New York so that he can prescribe the dosage for the metronomic chemo treatment for me. Metronomic chemotherapy is not the same as conventional chemotherapy not only in terms of the methodology of treatment but also how the treatment works. I hope to start the metronomic chemo treatment as early as possible in the hope to control the lung and bone metastasis. Since I am having trouble getting cyclophosphamide, I will have to request my doctor from New York to prescribe the medication and then ship to me. As for IL-2, I will contact my friend more more information on how to bring the drug back to Malaysia from China.

Reading all the available alternative therapies from the various sources in the Internet does give cancer patients some hope. However, the more difficult part of the treatment is where to get that drug and/or supplement? In my case, I was lucky because of a reader from Hong Kong introduced me to her doctor in New York where I could get some help. But if you are on your own, it can be really frustrating. I have been asking around and all I get are blank answers. This morning, I received a text message from a reader and she sent me a link and told me that she don't understand what the article says and she felt really hopeless. She wanted to me explain to her what that article meant so that she could learn something from the article to help her 82 year old mother who is suffering from cancer. I can understand this feeling because I have been there before. Sometimes, I just wanna to give up, throw in the towel. The frustration can turn into despair and a feeling of hopelessness if not dealt with correctly. Why must there be challenges on every step of the way?


  1. Make sure your frolic acid is within the range, otherwise B12 will not be absorbed. And get B12 that is sublingual (under the tongue), best absorption. I presume your HDL is on the low side. Flaxseed oil might help but most probably not permitted in GT? But used extensively in Budwig protocol. Is avocado allowed inGT? That is good for raising HDL.

  2. B12 given by a needle is THE best way to get B12 into the body or crush a B12 tablet up, add a touch of water and put it into your nose. Up the nose is what i do. Look at any ORTHOMOLECULAR doctor or website.

  3. Can you please tell me the name of the doctor in New York that is doing the metronomic treatment?

    1. Can you please write to me at

      I will provide you the contact and other details.