Monday, April 23, 2012

Take A Chance on Hope

Although my trip to Southern Thailand was short, nevertheless it was fun. My friends, Chin Aik, Ong and Kenny were very considerate always putting my comfort and safety first. I really appreciate it and thank you guys! I am not sure when we will have another outing together as I understand most of them are very busy.

I think I have have found one of the pain problem on my right abdomen. Last Friday, I decided to stop taking the night tablet of cimetidine and also for the next two days while I was in Thailand. The pain which usually exists just below my right rib cage area disappeared overnight! After additional reading of cimetidime, I found out in some occasions, it causes internal bleeding. The pain also started around the time I started taking cimetidime. Since my abdominal area is healing, taking of cimetidine can easily cause bleeding around that area. I can now only resume taking cimetidine after my abdominal area is healed. There are still some healing pain in my abdominal area.

I have been thinking about my lumbar spine/right leg pain problem. My current orthopedic surgeon said the only way out is surgery.. The pain killer has been partially effective. I am making arrangement to meet another orthopedic surgeon at Tung Shin Hospital to get a second opinion on the surgery. I have also been reading about the spinal surgery. I am quite open to either of the two common types of spine surgery decompression procedures: microdiscectomy (or microdecompression) or a lumbar laminectomy (or open decompression). I thought since I am about to start the metronomic chemotherapy soon, I am thinking of giving this therapy a four month trial period. Towards July or August, I would like to take the Hyperthermia therapy in Germany. So meanwhile, I can opt for the spinal surgery if I want. Why are all the therapies clustered together? This is because I do not know what's in store in the future. All I know is what I can do now. I recently lost a cancer friend when she tried to postpone her treatment to a later date which was supported by very valid reasons.


  1. Chang,
    Ong here, I was with Chin Aik last night for dinner,he was suggesting Chengmai sometime nov or december this year end. Nice getting to know you and your fighting spirit enhance my belief never ever give up ! Looking forward to hear you chant again in a temple in Chengmai.
    Let the pilot worry about the petrol tank ! We shall relax in the back seats. God bless all of us.

    1. Hi Ong,

      It's nice to hear from your again.

      Chiangmai sounds good man. Looking forward to go with you guys again.

    2. god bless your friends...these are real friends.. money cannot buy. take care, jasmin