Thursday, April 5, 2012

Start Listening to The Self

For some reason, I cannot settle down to sleep last night. So I took the opportunity to write this post. I am glad I will be meeting with my hypnotherapist later today for a session. I have almost forgotten about her. In times like these, it will be helpful to talk to someone. I need to talk to her a lot more times. I still have a few old issues to resolve. Incidentally, I have been reading a lot of self help books for the past week. I finished 2 books and in the midst of reading another. At the same time in the night, just before I sleep, I am listening to Dr Wayne Dyer's Inner Wisdom to learn about personal and spiritual growth. Besides the physical therapies, training the mind is equally important. There is this ego that is in me. It has a agenda of its own, a twisted agenda. I have to shut it down. It’s also possible to use the word ego in a positive way, as in “I wish I had a strong ego like you”. But this is call positive quality “self-worth”, but for most part the ego label equates to the negative part of the psyche.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Thoughts as I learned from Dr Wayne Dyer is the only inheritance one can have. It does not dies. Thoughts are what you are. Your relationship with parents, spouse, friends or anybody are experienced through the mind which are your perceptions of what they are. Thoughts are important. It's also the most important thing a person has and every action a person do has roots in the thoughts. Positive or negative emotions are preceded by thoughts. The brain release certain chemicals like endorphins when you think positively and some other chemicals that may causes diseases when you think negatively. What causes the chemistry to change? Yes, it's the thoughts. Dr Dyer also mentions about scarcity of life. When a person focuses on what's missing in one's life, that's because that person is thinking too much of what's missing in his or her life. That person is acting on the scarcity consciousnesses which makes things worst. Instead one should focus and be grateful of what one has, that's prosperity consciousnesses which creates abundance. This is very relevant for cancer patients. To focus on whatever treatment that he or she is currently doing.  He said "if you have cancer, you got it." The important thing is not to blame but take responsibility i.e. response with ability. The positive thoughts will contribute to healing.

Today I am coughing fresh blood again but for a short 15 minutes period of time only. I must control my coughing so that I don't continue to cough fresh blood out. I took some TCM pills and it seems to have helped. Death scares me no more. It just another transformation. I am smiling actually. I am focusing on the good thoughts while I having a lunch chat with a friend. I have now to enjoy and tomorrow has not arrive yet.


  1. Dear CT, once again you gained the upperhand in a sensitive situation,keep it up keep SMILING and keep STRONG.Your strong mind & ATTITUDE is one of the best cancer therapy.Regards AL MAL.

  2. Hi CT ... I can even hear the positive thoughts going through your head when I read your post !

    Your post makes me reflect on my own life too !

    Best wishes !


  3. Hi Chang,

    Your true self again. Dhammapada Verses 1 and 2 revisited.