Thursday, April 12, 2012

Goodbye Girl

Today is a sad day for me. I got news that my stage 4 lung cancer friend that was warded in the University Hospital on 29 February 2012 has passed on seven days after admission. She has lost her voice and we 'talked' exclusively via email. Being my senior in cancer, she was always helpful in suggesting therapies and sharing her experience. One therapy that she shared was HIFU for which I went to China for treatment last December. Another is Hyperthermia therapy for which I am also considering taking the treatment. I have one less mutual friend to share our pain. I always feel emotional when losing such friends. It's through her I also met some other cancer patients who were so willing to share their experience with me, particularly on Hyperthermia therapy. May she rest in peace. I will miss her.

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  1. Dear CT, the word DIE stands for = Dwell In Eternity

    So to die means to dwell in eternity. Death is not an unknown but a journey to a place where you live forever. Sad as can be for losing someone but for the person who dwell in eternity it ends all sufferings.I am sorry if i said something wrong kind regards AL MAL.