Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life As It Is

If you have noticed, I have shifted my emphasis from physical therapy to mental therapy over time. This is because physical therapy are fixed therapies, you just need to comply with the requirements. Most of it are easy to follow with the exception of perhaps, the diet. We all know that when the students study hard, they should be able to get straight As. Yet the results shows only 1% of them get the results. It's not the books that are no good but the mindset of the students. Likewise, it's not just the therapy. Cancer patients' key is the mindset. The therapy may be good but if the mindset of the patient is not there, he or she will not perform well. That's why it is important to treat the mind as part of the cancer therapy.

Well, the previous two posts and I have not used the words "if" and "don't". I believe it's possible to train oneself to change. Since I started working over 32 years ago, I have not used the "F" word  no matter how angry I am. Before I am been mistaken, I am not judging here. I just want to say it's possible to reprogram the mind.

Yesterday evening, it was challenging for me. After dinner, I started to cough again. Each cough taking place between 5 and 20 minutes intervals. I tried very hard to calm myself down and not to cough. As at 12.50am, it still shows no sign of stopping. I started taking some TCM  pills. Fresh blood after each cough. I have to get it to stop by the time I go to bed. Otherwise, it will be another no sleep night for me. I ended up in bed at 5am. My hypnotherapist said when my hemoglobin drops below 6, I should seek treatment immediately to prevent heart failure in the long run. My family GP recommended me to take blood transfusion. My blood type is AB, so its easy for me to get any blood type. Keeping this option open for the time being. I will have to get my brother to donate blood back as replacement unless I go to government hospitals. I have a passbook that records my blood donations during my pre cancer days.

Incidentally, during this time, the pain from my abdominal area become more pronounced. I told my hypnotherapist the location of the pain and she said that it's near the colon area. I will probably go for an ultrasound scan to check on it. I took a pain killer as it gave me a quick relief. Despite all these negative developments, I am taking it all in my stride. Who says life was a bed of roses?

Yesterday, it was also a sad day for me after I quarreled with my mother. But today, we are all buddies again. There is this thing called unconditional love. I am now reading a book called The Lost Art of Listening by Michael P. Nichols, PhD. This book is a good read and I would recommend you to read (based on what I read so far). In the book, I saw many of the mistakes that I made during conversations (including texting) with my friends, family members and all the people I come to interact with. It will improve your relationship with everyone.


  1. I understand that by not using ifs and don'ts you focus on what you want rather that what you do not want. But I think there are some circumstances, "if" is more appropriate than "when".

    1. I could not agree with you more.

      This is not an exercise in English but rather an exercise of the mind to force myself to be more mindful and positive when constructing my sentences. To be predictable rather than uncertain.