Saturday, April 21, 2012

Seize The Day

I will write short post today. The pain on my right abdominal area has not shown any sign or abating. I will take the opportunity to stop taking the cimetidine medication while I am Thailand for two days. I will monitor on my  abdominal pain progress. I suspect some bleeding might have occurred inside the abdominal area due to cimetidine. Meanwhile, the pain on my right leg is still bad. I will try soaking my legs with epsom salt in warm water as suggested by Lanie when I come back from Thailand. I am not sure it's a mercury problem. Darn, pain means negative thoughts. More mind work to do.

Cancer Song
I would like dedicate this song called Cancer by My Chemical Romance to everyone that has a friend or family member that is going through cancer. A beautiful number and also the lyrics! I hope your are touched.

Diet and Fitness Game
I got to know of a reader called Christine in February 2011 when she contacted me about her idea of building an application on diet and fitness which she hopes to build into a role playing game. And in between we corresponded for a short while and have not heard from her since July 2011. Yesterday, I was surprised to received an email from her and she said her diet and fitness application is finally ready. Keep your dreams and work on it. I congratulated her for a job well done. You can check out her diet and fitness game site, SlimKicker here.


  1. Respect you for being that you are still in thailand.

    1. I am glad that I am still very mobile despite some pain on my pairs of legs. There is nothing else but now, what I can do at this point in time.