Sunday, April 8, 2012

Life's Four Seasons

I am not sure if it was due to my coughing problem on Friday. I was very tired yesterday and spent most of my time lying down. The abdominal area was a little painful but I stayed away from the pain killer. So I was rather in a sombre mood for most of the day. When evening came, I felt the energy deserted me, the pain enhanced. I took a pain killer. As I laid slumbered in the couch, I anticipated the arrival of the magical moment when all my pain disappears from my body. I woke up. It was only a dream. After a night of no sleep, I found myself sleeping at every available opportunity. I am really really tired. Later I took a pain killer.

As the pain killer does its job, I felt a bit more alive. It was already past midnight then. As I wind down, I listened to some classical music, Vilvadi's Four Seasons. We also have the four seasons of life. I like how The Redhead Riter summarises the four seasons:

In the Spring, life begins with everything new and full of hope.
Innocence, laughter and carefree abandonment fill each day.
The nuance of being alive is celebrated continually with no thought of the future.

Summer arrives with laughter, learning, sunshine and phenomenal growth.
Choices are abundant and the opportunities are spread before us like a feast.
We learn about relationships, love, abandonment, neglect and the pain of letting go.
In between the joys, we discover that there is nothing greater than love’s fulfillment.

In the Fall we begin to relax expectations with a clearer perspective of the past and future.
Some give up the battle to change or improve, remaining stagnant, while others continue excitedly learning.

Winter arrives with wrinkles in soft skin that show regrets, accomplishments and wisdom.
The path has narrowed and the life we chose stretches behind us as a legacy.

Let your story be rich with loving relationships, laughter, joy and a journey of happiness.


  1. It's the liver that is giving you a problem. It needs to be dealt with as soon possible. The mental stuff is not necessary. Your metal state is better than most. In my opinion you need to do the hyperthermal therapy asap.

    1. Hi John,

      At this moment, I have no reason to suspect the pain is due something else other than the healing of the kidney tumor ablation. From an earlier CT scan, the tumor has not spread to the liver although the kidney tumor is almost touching the liver.

      Anyway, this is not a good time to try hyperthermia until the I have recovered from the HIFU treatment. Furthermore, my lumbar spine problem is also giving me severe leg pain and the orthopedic surgeon said surgery is the only option. I am seeking other forms of treatment.

      So, I just have to be a little bit more patient and wait.

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