Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Live Mindfully

Tomorrow, I will continue to post one more complementary therapy, the final in my What Causes Cancer? series. This is also a potent therapy but has its drawbacks too.

A friend Skyed me from Singapore this morning and said "The current sufferings in Japan really makes me see things differently.....we need to put things in perspective. Here we are arguing and complaining over petty stuff. I think we should treat ourselves better and also those around us."

I guess many people here still take things for granted. When bad things happens in the region, we are oblivious to it. I think we should take cognisance of the fact that even for tsunami and earthquake free countries like Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia, we are now experiencing such phenomena, albeit in a small scale.

Anyway, there is a Chinese saying, "only when the needle puncture your skin will you know of the pain". Let's live more mindfully and adopt a more caring attitude.

Pregnancy Test Update
This morning, I did my pregnancy test. I followed the instruction and tested it during the first urine of the day. The result was negative.

I am just wondering why would I, a stage 4 cancer patient be tested negative? The possible answers are of course all speculative. It could be that even for stage 4 the amount of HCG hormone is just too little to be detected by the pregnancy test kit. It could also be that I have recovered (highly unlikely) or my situation has recovered somewhat. Of course, nothing beats the Navarro HCG test which is highly accurate. Anyway, I will buy a different brand and test out a few days later.

Still, I hope you can help out. If you know of anybody that has cancer, it would be great if you can get the person to do the pregnancy test and post me the results. I hope to collate the results and post in this blog. The reason is that if the pregnancy test kit can really detect traces of cancer, especially if it can detect stage 1 and 2 cancer cases, many people will benefit from this experiment.

pH Test
Yesterday evening, I bought a pH paper test kit (US$15) to check my pH levels. I should have done this on day one when I got cancer because I think it would be a good indicator of my internal progress if I knew what my body pH levels are. I took the pH test around 9.30pm and reading was between 7 and 8. I was surprised by the result as I though I was still very acidic.

This morning, I took another reading again and this time my pH reading was 6, acidic. I am not surprised with the deterioration in the result because during the night when you are sleeping, toxic bodies tend to become more acidic. In the day, I take my juices to replenish the system and hence, the readings should improve.

Anyway, I think this simple pH test kit is helpful in monitoring my pH level and will also give an indication to my progress of my therapy. I am quite happy with my pH reading and hope when it will improve when I incorporate some additional therapy.

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