Friday, March 4, 2011

I Wanna Break Free!

I hope you like the new template design of this blog. After about 18 months, I think it's time to make over, a new design.

Well some of you may be thinking, what's the point of all these template changes when I myself have not changed! I know I have started to make changes in my life, the way I do things, the way I think, the way I handle relationships, in fact a total make over of what I am. I just hope to lead a happier life, nothing phenomenal.

Old habits die hard and to change myself is one of the most difficult things to do. I find my old thinking that is ingrained in me is the major stumbling block. Dismantling it takes time. As Confucius said a journey of thousand miles begins with the first step, so too I must begin somewhere. Perhaps, slowly and surely I hope to be able to transform myself.

Color: Meaning, Symbolism and Psychology
Meaning of the Color Black
Black is authoritative and powerful; because black can evoke strong emotions too much can be overwhelming. A classic color for clothing possibly because it makes the wearer appear thinner and more sophisticated.

How the color black affects us physically and mentally
* feeling inconspicuous
* a restful emptiness
* mysterious evoking a sense of potential and possibility.


  1. I'm glad you have started making your travel plans. I am perceiving a change in your attitude. You seem more willing to listen to and trust your inner voice now than ever before.

  2. U have truly gone to the dark side!

  3. Indeed I have! May the force be with me.