Monday, March 28, 2011

Cancer is not a problem. Cancer is a solution

Yes, of late I have been having some pain here and there. The pain may be due to inflammation and I hope is part of the healing reaction. But then again, one can never be sure.

I have been reading a lot of other therapies that I can complement with the Gerson therapy. Censium chloride is a good choice if done under supervision because the inflammation can be very painful. Anyway, I have spoken to the consultant in USA and after discussing my condition with him, he made some recommendation to put me on three supplements (including censium chloride). The other two supplements are to help ease the pain arising from the inflammation. The cost of the therapy is not that expensive, about US$320 per month, about the same price that I paid for my local TCM therapy. However, the cost of shipping the supplements to Singapore (they can't ship to Malaysia) is more than US$200 by courier! He said, I have to be on the therapy for about 1 year.

Well, I have not decided on what additional therapy I am going to take at this moment because there are still one or two more supplements I am researching.

Today, I want to share a story with you.

Cancer is not a problem. Cancer is a solution.
That is the provocative and hopeful vision of Lothar Hirneise. He suspects that in the course of our evolution our bodies created tumours in order to survive. Lothar Hirneise is not a doctor. But he does have a pioneering – and well-founded – vision on cancer. Hirneise is a man of research and solid proof; a man who took an unusual path in becoming an influential, albeit controversial, cancer specialist in Germany. A tumour is the body’s solution to a problem. A tumour forms because someone is no longer producing adrenaline, which is needed to break down sugar. An excess of sugar is dangerous, so the body produces tumours. He always tells people the tumour is not your problem. A tumour is an incredibly ingenious solution on the part of the body.

Ten years ago Hirneise was a master in Eastern combat sports and a Kung Fu teacher. He also owned a successful sporting goods store. Then a good friend was diagnosed with cancer. I went in search of information and came across Lynne McTaggart, the founder of the English magazine What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You and author of the book of the same title. I attended a conference she organised in London on alternative cancer treatments. Every time I was onto yet another potential cure, I hopped in an airplane and went there – Mexico, Russia, China, the Bahamas, the United States, all over Europe… where haven’t I been?’ Hirneise said ‘Most doctors are good professionals, who truly want to help their patients. But… they’re working in a bad system. Hirneise recently wrote on a book on the subject with the provocative title: ‘Chemo heilt Krebs und die Erde ist eine Scheibe’ (English: chemotherapy cures cancer and the earth is flat).

Perhaps Lothar Hirneise’s most important message is that each person must find his or her own path to healing. A doctor can help in this process. But so can a friend. Everyone can make their own critical assessment of whether a particular treatment would truly be good for them. Individuality is Hirneise’s inspiration. Make a deal with your tumour. I’ve noticed that a lot of survivors do this. They start a dialogue with the tumour: "Dear tumour, this is a lose/lose situation. If you get bigger, I’ll have to die and so will you. Let’s turn this around into a win/win situation. You get smaller – you don’t have to die, but shrink to normal proportions – which will mean I can live. In return I’ll…". I tell patients, you have to be very careful what you promise, because the tumour will only keep to its end of the bargain if you do too. If you can’t stick to it, make a new deal.

Three Steps to Good Health

Detoxification starts with cleaning the intestines, for example by using enemas (bowel cleanses). It is also important to have any dead teeth pulled. The root canals of dead teeth are full of bacteria that attack the liver and lymph system. In addition, the (levorotatory or left-rotating) lactic acid, which is produced by the cancer cells, must be removed from the body. Due to a lack of oxygen in cancer cells, sugar is not entirely broken down and is converted into lactic acid. The lactic acid travels to the liver, the liver reconverts it to sugar and sugar feeds the cancer cells. Hirneise: ‘This is a vicious cycle. If I ask oncologists how they approach the lactic acid problem some say, what lactic acid problem? They don’t consider it important. But not only will it kill you, it causes a lot of pain, comparable to when you do intensive sports – the lactic acid build-up in your muscles.’

Excess lactic acid can be removed by taking a daily half-hour bath in water heated to 37°C, to which 100 grams of baking soda have been added. The baking soda increases the water’s pH-value, which pulls the acid from the body. Hirneise: ‘It is cheap, fast and 100% effective. When the lactic acid has been removed, you’ll need less morphine or none at all. Every day I talk to people who have been helped this way. They used painkillers for years. Now they sit for a half-hour in the bathtub.’ You also need to add dextrorotatory (right-rotating) lactic acid to your system by eating soft curd cheese, certain types of yoghurt or sauerkraut, for example.

Healthy food is based on living products. It’s not about the calories but about life force. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain light and light is life force.

Thinking positive and a fighting attitude are essential. But so is visualisation. Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine stimulate people to see themselves healthy in the future. Hirneise: ‘Imagine, you have a tumour in your knee. Visualise yourself skiing in three months. See it as if you were sitting in a movie theatre, watching on a big screen. This creates a suction force towards health. Everyone who survived terminal stage cancer visualised this – even those who considered it a lot of rubbish. When I talk to them, they tell me they prayed, for example. I ask them what prayer is to them. They say: "I told God that if he helped me, I would do this or that." They saw themselves doing something beautiful in the future. They saw themselves in the future, completely healthy.’

Hirneise’s conclusion is clear: every successful cancer treatment includes the following three ingredients: thorough detoxification, a change of diet and mental or spiritual work.


  1. Most of the would seem, are to get your body back too a safe alkaline state. As was posted before...there are many paths leading to the same place; some paths are slow, some faster getting you there; some cost little, and some are very expensive!

    I researched the link on a previous post, and maybe there is a simpler solution to getting the body more alkaline.

    My 80 yr. old mother has been taking baking soda with water for the last ten yrs. and she gets around very well, better than any of her younger sisters.

    I think I will give it a try!

  2. u can find EFT under daVID CHILDERLY -u TUBE

  3. hv u heard of eco paradise. A detox spa. in ss15/4c. I am a cancer survivor for 5 yrs. I am doing food business - fried noodles. Very stressful. Waking up at 4.30am until 6pm. I doing this spa for 4 yrs. if u r interested do let me know and i will show u the place. Life is beautiful and i really treasure it by taking good care of myself so must u. jasmine