Thursday, March 17, 2011

Life Goes On

So, what's happening to me in the last week or so? Well, I spent 3 days in Cameron Highlands for a short break. The weather was quite good but it rained for a day or two. The temperature was a cool 18°C or so, give or take 1 degree. However, I had problems with the cold after taking showers. Immediately when the hot water was switched off, I was shivering while trying to wipe myself dry. Otherwise, I had quite a relaxing time up in the highlands.

I have been coughing a bit for the last few days. Somehow, I feel my chest and rib areas are congested and compressed, with a kind of slight pain emanating from the inside. This morning, my phlegm was 80% stained with blood, one of the worst I have seen to date. I am still having some falling asleep problems because of the low dose naltrexone (LDN) medication. Otherwise, I feel OK. I have also started to take Red Fruit oil today. The dosage is two tablespoons daily.

I have been keeping myself busy, besides with the research that I am doing, I am also doing some IT reading. I have just enrolled for a course called Foundations In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) conducted by the KL Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a one year course conducted in English on every Saturday evening. I understand they even have a Diploma in Acupuncture conducted entirely in French! The purpose of taking up this course is to give myself an opportunity to understand TCM a little bit better. If I do survive longer, I would want to continue to the higher level of TCM courses.

In addition to the above, I am now checking out Modified Citrus Pectin supplement and Cimetidine that are being sold in the local market with a view of including these in my therapy as a strategy of metastasis prevention.

Modified Citrus Pectin
Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) is essential in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. Research over the last decade shows MCP directly attacks cancer cells, and prevents metastasis. Even greater anti-cancer results have been found with another important new study, conducted by researchers at the Cancer Research Laboratory at the Methodist Research Institute, IN, and Indiana University Cancer Center. They analyzed the synergistic effects of MCP and Dr. Eliaz's multi-nutrient breast care formula, with extremely positive results. The findings suggest that the combination of the two greatly enhanced suppression of breast cancer cells.

You can read more about Breast cancer prevention by Dr. Isaac Eliaz here.

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  1. Dear CT,

    Happy to hear you had a nice and relaxed time in the Highlands; but sad to hear you are still coughing up blood.

    I am very excited that you are going to study Tradition Chinese Medicine; "that is awesome!"

    I thought of you when reflecting back on a movie I watched in 1988 called "Leap of Faith."

    It was a made for TV movie about Deborah Franke Ogg; who was diagnosed with incurable lymphoma.
    When the Drs. gave her no hope...she decided to "Make her own Miracle;" She did as you are doing...researched, and did alternative therapies; "she is still alive." She is now a psychotherapist, healer and over 22yrs. cancer survivor.

    In the movie,I remember one of her therapists told her, "the only way he would treat her"...was if she got rid of the stress in her life; "that no treatment would work if she did not get rid of the stress."

    I hope you are being able to relax enough...and get rid of the stress.

    Wishing you well,