Sunday, March 27, 2011

Yet Another Cancer Diet

The last two or three days, I have not been feeling very good. Most of the time
I feel quite good in the mornings but as the day progresses, I begin to enter into an uncomfortable state. I feel like something is pressing on my chest and I also feel like vomiting. It becomes more pronounced after dinner. At times, I also feel a bit cold even at room temperature, especially after a warm bath at about 5.30pm. I hope this is just the left over of my recent episode. I spent most of my time lazing around the house.

Another Cancer Diet
Two days ago, an anonymous reader recommend me a link and it points to yet another cancer diet. But this cancer diet is very simple. It work for Kelley Eidem who is also the author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer.

What is interesting in this diet, unlike the Gerson Therapy which covers so many areas, this cancer diet has only ONE diet to follow. Kelley cured himself in two weeks following the diet. He described his advanced stage 4 cancer treatment as costing less than two tickets and popcorn at the movies!

His diet are supported by research. A UCLA research team shrank tumors by 80% with the heat from habaneros peppers. Research from the Universities of Michigan and Minnesota discovered the power of ginger against cancer. Not only does ginger cause cancer cell death, it also makes the cancer cells turn on themselves.

The Nottingham University researchers showed that the family of molecules to which capsaicin belongs, the vanilloids, bind to proteins in the cancer cell mitochondria to trigger apoptosis, or cell death, without harming surrounding healthy cells.

Here's a real brief recipe list here.

(1) Grate one habaneros pepper each day, putting it on bread. Ginger (spread is 1/2 inch tick) is a great alternative. Better still add a capsule or two of 100,000 HU cayenne.
(2) Grate two cloves of garlic each day, putting them on Ezekiel spouted bread or any other sprouted bread. Alternative is to use the best organic bread.
(3) 1-2 Tablespoons of Emulsified cod liver oil each day.
(4) Smother the grated garlic and habaneros peppers with real butter and eat it. No margarines of any type, including Smart Balance, etc. You can substitute butter with yogurt.

He used the cod liver oil because he was not losing any weight or dealing with fluid retention. If he had either of those conditions, I would have used evening primrose oil or borage oil instead of the emulsified cod liver oil.*

That's it!

Note *: The best way to determine which oil a person could use can be determined easily if there is pain. In fact there are two ways. One way would be to drink a cup of black coffee with two boiled eggs. (boiled only.) If that made you feel worse, you'd take 1 or 2 tablespoons of emulsified cod liver oil. If the coffee and eggs made you feel better, you'd take 6,000 mgs of borage oil or evening primrose oil.

For more information about your blood type diet, click here.


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well lately.

    I know you are probably being overwhelmed with all the to which treatment to focus on. sometime there are many paths leading to the same place.

    Perhaps your body is not getting alkaline fast enough.

  2. Over the pass week or so, you have posted alot of great material. The cesium chlorine sounds to me the best option for you. I've been doing my own research. i think you are ready for it. After doing the gerson for 19months now. i think your body is ready for a push along.

    What i really want to know is which therapy you are going to add on.

  3. have u heard of eco paradise. A spa to detox our body . I am a cancer survivor for 5 yrs now.