Saturday, March 26, 2011

Combining Gerson + Budwig Therapy

My brother who is actively reading alternative cancers cures has been suggesting that my Gerson therapy may need a boost by incorporating some other complementary therapy. One of the diet suggested was the Budwig diet. Another friend who found out that I am keen to incorporate the Budwig diet has reminded me that the Budwig's cottage cheese+flax seed oil diet is anti-immflamatory while part of the Gerson therapy causes inflammation and combining the two could offset the effects of each other.

I am not sure about that but I do know both the Gerson therapy and Budwig diet uses flax seed oil and quark or cottage cheese as part of their protocol. I have checked a few forums and found that a number of cancer patients do combine Gerson+Budwig together as part of their cancer therapy and reported very good progress. One patient even continued to work for long hours while on still the therapy!

Pregnancy Test Anyone?
An anonymous reader posted a comment on yesterday's post and also gave a few links about cancers. The first link I check out was quite good and it gave me an idea about cancer tests. Do you know, you can use the pregnancy test kit to test for cancer? This is because both pregnant women and cancer patients produces a hormone called HCGH (human chorionic gonaditrophin hormone). So if you test yourself with the pregnancy kit test and find yourself positive (if your are a male or female and not pregnant), then it could indicate presence of cancer and should go for a full checkup. Of course the down side is that a pregnant women can easily reach the threshold, but a person with cancer doesn't necessarily produce enough of the hormone to register on the test kit.

Still, the test is easily done, non invasive and cheap. It can be done regularly and is a form of early detection that could save you. Unconventional but who cares! Just to confirm it, I will buy one and test myself.


  1. The pregnancy test is interesting...let us know your results, when you take it.


  2. Dear CT,

    I do not know for sure that combining Budwig's cottage cheese+flax seed oil diet would offset the effects of the Gersons therapy. But I felt it was a point to look into since you read and do research. I am no authority on either therapy to make such a conclusion.