Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Go For It

Of late, I have been having problems eating potatoes. I find it bitter! So today, my mother thought I would like it better if it was mashed but I still find it bitter. My father who also ate the potatoe said it was not bitter. I am not sure if that is a problem of my mind or not but I have stopped eating potatoes for sometime. Instead I am taking brown rice as a replacement. Perhaps I am really getting tired of the diet.

Alternative Therapies
A friend has been wondering why I am taking the conventional medicine, low dose naltrexone (LDN). As you know, I have been taking complementary medication in addition to Gerson Therapy. Some of the complementary therapies that I think is not effective have been dropped. As such I have to continuously looking for other medication (whether alternative or conventional) that can complement the Gerson Therapy.

Although I may sound fine, I cannot actually tell what's going on inside the body. Further, as a stage 4 cancer patient, the onus is on me to move from the death zone back to the life zone. Statistically, the odds are highly skewed in favor of the dead zone. Still, I hope to be different and not to be counted as one of the statistic. The only way to do it is to do things differently. Actually if you look at it, any alternative therapy a cancer patient is taking, is an experimentation. This is why I am continuously searching and experimenting with complementary medication. A slight advantage, no matter how small, improves the odds. I may sound desperate but this is the reality of my situation.

The complementary therapies that I am willing to take also includes conventional medication (but NEVER chemotherapy and radiation) such as LDN and even surgery. I have never discounted doing surgery.

Sometime back, Emily sent me a link about something very interesting that one should be aware when going for surgery, whether the patient has cancer or not. I am not talking about risk of the operation itself but more importantly how the body reacts to a surgery. I will write about this in a subsequent post.

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