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Cancer Tests

I have been on alternative treatment for over 18 months now. I am not thinking of doing another CT scan for a while and I sometimes wonder if my therapy is working or not. Of course, I can tell a little from how my body is reacting. Like the latest episode where I vomitted some cartilage/jelly like tissues. I am not sure if this is a good sign or not. It would be good if there is some non invasive test to tell me the progress of my therapy. Apparently, there is one.

This test is also suitable for healthy people to determine if they have cancer or not (even if the cancer is in the early stages of forming). Hence, This is a preliminary test that healthy people could do.

How To Determine How Much Cancer You Have?
When you are on an alternative cancer treatment how do you know whether or not it is working?

Two ways are having a P.E.T. Scan or a CT Scan. However, these are very expensive and provide radiation you don't need in most cases. A P.E.T. scan is a good choice when you need to know exactly where the cancer is.

But if you don't need to know exactly where the cancer is, but you do need to know whether the alternative cancer treatment you are using is effective, the Navarro Urine Test is very helpful.

You use this test in the following way. When you begin an alternative cancer treatment protocol you take the Navarro Urine test. Every six to eight weeks thereafter (or whatever interval you use) you take another Navarro Urine Test.

If the Navarro score goes up (comparing a Navarro score to the next Navarro score six weeks later), then you have more cancer after the current test than you had at the time of the previous test. This likely means your alternative cancer treatment may not be working!!

On the other hand, if the Navarro score goes down (especially if it goes down by one point or more in the six weeks), then your treatment is likely doing its job. A score of 50 or above, means, statistically speaking, you likely have cancer. When the score is below 50, then statistically speaking, you likely do not have cancer.

The test is done in Phillipines and costs US$55 per test. However, there is a company selling test kits online. Once I get more information, I will post an update.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin(HCG) Cancer Test
Developed in the late 1950s, by the renowned oncologist, the late Dr. Manuel D. Navarro, the test detects the presence of cancer cells even before signs or symptoms develop. Dr. Navarro found HCG to be present in all types of cancers. The test is based on a theory proposed by Howard Beard and other researchers who contend that cancer is related to a misplaced trophoblastic cell that become malignant in a manner similar to pregnancy in that they both secrete HCG. As a consequence, a measure of the amount of HCG found in the blood or urine is also a measure of the degree of malignancy. The higher the number, the greater is the severity of cancer.

Preparation of HCG Sample

Materials Needed
1. Acetone - can be purchased from the Pharmacy or Hardware or Paint Store. Nail Polish Remover is NOT A SUBSTITUTION.
2. Alcohol - either Ethyl or Rubbing
3. Coffee Filter - White or Brown
4. Sandwich Plastic bag
5. Beaker or any glass container or glass jar
6. Glass Measuring Cup
7. Measuring spoon

Preparation Steps
1. From an early morning urine, take 50 ml(1.7 oz) and add 200 ml (7 oz) of acetone and 5 ml ( 1 teaspoon) of alcohol. Stir and mix well. * Note: 1 ml = 1 cc
2. Let it stand in the refrigerator or cool place for at least 6 hours until sediments are formed. Throw off about half of the urine-acetone mixture without losing any sediment. Shake the mixture and filter the remainder through a coffee filter making sure all the sediments are on the filter paper.
3. When filtration is over, air dry indoors the filter with its sediments.
4. When dry, fold, wrap it with a sandwich plastic bag.
5. Mail it using the First Class Mail to Navarro Medical Clinic.

Source: Navarro Medical Clinic

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