Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Goji Berry

I have been drinking Goji juice for a few days now. Compared to Noni juice, Goji juice is much sweeter and I think contains more alcohol content. Initially after drinking the juice, I feel a little giddy, much like when you are a little high on liquor.

I spoke to a friend and later found out the Goji berry is actually gei zi in Cantonese (Mandarin: 枸杞; pinyin: gǒuqǐ). Dried Goji berries are used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I have been eating dried Goji berries all my life because my mother uses it as one of the ingredients in soups. No wonder it's so sweet. I could not recognised a Goji berry because what I always see is the dried version used in TCM and in soup making.

According to www.methodsofhealing.com, the health benefits of goji juice and goji berries are numerous. Because of the antioxidants that the fruit naturally has, it gives a huge boost to the immune system and helps the body to fight off disease. It can also prevent premature aging on the inside and outside of the body. Many people use the juice or the berry to bring the blood pressure back into a normal range. Research has shown that this beneficial berry can also decrease your risk of many different types of cancer and keep your blood sugar regulated to help combat diabetes.

All research shows that goji also is beneficial for the heart and eye sight, and that it can even help in the treatment of chronic headaches. If you have trouble sleeping, goji may be beneficial to you as well, as it does help to alleviate insomnia.

Additionally, goji juice and goji berries can help improve your sex life, make you more fertile, help you to lose weight or maintain weight, help to get rid of coughs, and improve digestion. Some research shows that goji is also beneficial for the memory.

I am still having a lot of problems falling asleep because of the low dose naltrexone (LDN). I take my dose at 11pm nightly and after that, my mind is quite alert. As a result, I am sleeping much later and hence waking up later and later as well.

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