Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Waiting Game

For the last three days, I have been resting at home like most days. As usual, my problems are still the pain on my legs and also the healing pain on my right abdomen. Although the pain is moderate, I feel it has somehow crippled my daily activities. The only activities that I do now days are taking some short walks and take short drives to run some errands. Otherwise, I sit or lie on the bed resting my back. Because I do not take any pain killers during daytime, there are not much things I can do because the pain disrupts my concentration resulting in restlessness. So most of the time, besides listening to some music and doing short reading every now and then, I spent most time doing self massaging. I find that when I massage certain areas on my legs and thighs, it trigger the pain on my right abdomen area as well. What this means is that I think as my abdomen heals, so will the pain on my legs be reduced. As such, I am deferring treatment on my right leg until my abdomen heals. What I underestimated was that the HIFU treatment on my right kidney tumor has weakened my body so much. I thought this would only happen when I did the open surgery. By the way, if I have not told you before, the HIFU treatment has saved my right kidney. The HIFU treatment burned all the tumor cells around my right kidney. This was also one of the major reason why I chose HIFU treatment instead of conventional surgery which would mean I would lose my right kidney.

Today, I weigh myself and found that I now weighs 63.8kgs. This is an improvement and my weight is now about the same as during my pre HIFU treatment days. However, my energy levels are still low. The intensive eating program to gain weigh is bearing fruit and I will discontinue eating steamed fish once a day by end February 2012 and revert back to the strict Gerson diet.

I have been spending some of my time reading about Oncothermia and Hyperthermia therapy. Although on paper, Oncothermia seems newer and more effective, Hyperthermia seems to have a more successful treatment history. This is because not just the number of clinical trials and over 750 scientific papers published on this therapy, the main point for me is that I have limited funding. This means that if I tried Oncothermia, I will have to give up Hyperthermia therapy. I must select the therapy that is more likely to work for me, rather than a promise that it will work. Based on the current documentation that I am reading, it looks like I will opt for Hyperthermia Therapy in Germany.


  1. I hope u will enjoy a well and peacefull day ahead.. Take a good care of yourself

  2. Hi Chang,

    I think you didn't tell us specifically that the Hifu treatment saved your kidney. This is another positive news from you. I hope once you can reduce/eliminate the pain, your fight will improve at a faster speed.

    You have an overwhelming advantage over the average patient in that your pain threshhold is very high, and that you are able to assess intelligently the pros and cons of each treatment available, and make the best calculated decision. That is why you are still here with us, while others have gone. Please journey on.

  3. Chang,

    I fully agree with what Justin said, I tend to believe besides taking care of yourself in this journey you too have your friends in mind, that is why all the blog-sharing, God will bless you,

    Quote Journey on Unquote


  4. Hi Chang,

    Since you said you a weak why not try to double boil fish soup and drink you will feel better. I have tried it and it works. I have recommeded this method to my friends they are much better.