Friday, February 3, 2012

End of The Road?

I now know why my left knee joint is starting to give me some pain. I went to a specialist clinic for a checkup on my left knee today. The doctor did a x-ray and also an ultrasound scan on the joint. The doctor told me that my cancer has now spread to my left knee and recommended that I see my oncologist for radiotherapy treatment to shrink the tumor and so that the pain can be reduced.

From current developments, it looks like the cancer has started to spread to other parts in my body namely on the top of my right lung and the left knee joint. I need to review my present therapy to see what other options are available to me.

There is one more treatment that I may go that is Hyperthermia Therapy plus other supporting therapies in Germany or Austria. The cost is reasonable to me and still cheaper than conventional treatment. If it happens, it will happen most likely be during this Summer months or by Autumn, the latest. I plan to stay three weeks at the clinic. The reason for the wait is to allow my HIFU treatment on my right kidney to heal for at least three months. Six clinics were recommended by a book called German Cancer Breakthrough by Andrew Scholberg. I will select one of them. I will also be writing to Veramedica Institute (Tel: 011-49-89-64 74 92, Fax: 011-49-89-64 22 859, Mobile: 011-49-171-2700 797, e-mail: for a recommendation of which one of the six clinics is suitable for my type of cancer.

It looks like 2012 year will be a very difficult year for me. I feel very sad but I will not give up. I hope I have the strength to carry on. I would quote a passage by a patient from the book because that's how I feel as well:

... Helmut accepted the possibility that his cancer could cause his death. Helmut examined his life and said, “Well, maybe I’ll make it to the age of 52 in a couple of months. My family is O.K. My house is paid for. If I die from this cancer, things will be O.K. If my life is over, it’s over.”

Your common sense might tell you that’s the wrong attitude. You might think cancer patients should deny the possibility of death and struggle and fight against it. Not so! In other words, it would be a mistake for a patient to say, “I’ll never accept this cancer! I’ll fight the cancer in every way no matter what, etc.” That’s the wrong attitude.

Dr. Demuth is convinced that Helmut’s serene acceptance of the possibility that the cancer could kill him was exactly the right attitude. That’s because this attitude of acceptance enabled Helmut to relax enough to assess his inner resources and focus on health and healing...


  1. I am short of comforting words. Stay strong.

  2. No worries. Take 夏枯草, English name SPICA PRUNELLAE. Cheap & effective. Suitable for your type of cancer.

    Water just cover the herb slightly, big fire boil until steam emits from the clay pot, then small fire for about 15 minutes, off it.

  3. All our roads will end someday. We need to prepare ourselves for eternity too.
    May God bless your effort to seek treatment here on earth. Likewise remember God has a better plan for us that we can not comprehend.

  4. Chang,

    Agreed, to hv the right attitude is critically important now,

    As a buddhist yourself, u can , I know, will accept all the eventualities,


  5. Chang,

    Never give up but also be prepared for any eventualities. You have done well so far on your own accord. Perhaps its time to let God take control. God is love, God is life.

    Not only the body must heal, so must the soul.

    Praying for you.

  6. No matter what, I hope you lived your life to the fullest. It's not the end of the road, it's a long road in fact, only a little bumpy. It wil get smooth some where, some how. Jus soldier on, one step at a time.
    May god give you the strength you need.

  7. Your sharing touched me. I wish you all the best. I am proud of your strength!