Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Resuming My Therapies

I resumed my coffee enema this morning. After a 3 months break, it's certainly not easy to do the enema. The spasm was so strong and coupled with the pain on my right abdomen, it was really challenging to. After I completing the enema, I always get a sense of relief. I am not sure if this is psychological but I do feel better. It has been well documented that coffee enema not only helps the body to detox, it helps to reduce pain in the body as well. I am slowly resuming the Gerson therapy. I have been juicing about 6 to 8 times a day and taking on a stricter organic vegetarian diet with the exception of steamed fish which I will stop taking by end February 2012. I will be doing coffee enema once a day and will monitor my body situation before I decide to increase the frequency.

I have also started to take CACare's TCM herbs for my knee bone metastasis at the recommendation of my friend Yeong. In addition, I also resumed Homeopathy treatment which is being supervised by a friend since last week. He has suggested I go to Sri Lanka with him for a few days to see his master for a follow-up treatment. He has a house and transportation there and all I need to do is just buy the plane ticket. Furthermore, he said I need a holiday and he could arrange for me to visit many of the Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka sometime in mid March 2012. I have tentatively agreed to the arrangement subject to the progress of my healing.

At the moment, the healing pain on my right abdominal area is still giving a lot of discomfort. There is nothing much I can do now but give it time to heal. Taking of pain killer, which I do take once in the night is to help me keep the pain down and help me get some sleep.


  1. Chang,

    stay positive, yes, on the healing and healthy part.


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    May all blessings be yours.

  3. I stumbled across your blog by chance when I was looking for alternative cancer cures for a friend who had stage 4 breast cancer. Sadly, she passed away a week ago but in spite of her passing, I almost always visit your blog daily to see how you are. Your courage, positivism and determination inspire even those who are cancer free. More power to you...