Monday, February 20, 2012

Discomforting Times

I am now going through a period of discomfort, something I have not experienced before since the start of my cancer journey. This discomfort stems from the feverish feeling of my body and its inability to sweat to break the feverish feeling. Hence my body feels warm and cold at the same time. With the warmness, I know my body is trying to induce sweat to cool down the body but it can't. As result, I have these sensations of the coolness of the skin and warmness of the body. This state of affair of the body is very uncomfortable for me. In order to mount enough heat to sweat, I would have to drink a hot drink. When the sweat breaks, I feel a sense of relief. This feeling happens throughout the day which makes me uncomfortable and restless. In addition to the above, sometimes I feel cold to the bone on my left and right legs, especially in the nights. A way out is to massage the legs with some warm medicated oil. So I also spend quite sometime every night self massaging me pair of legs in the middle of the night.

My sleeping pattern is still out of sync. I have been sleeping mostly past 3am and then wake up past 10am. During the daytime, I do try and sleep whenever possible. I also feel quite sleepy between the hours of 6pm and 9pm but unfortunately I can't sleep during these hours. If I do, most likely I will not be able to sleep for the rest of the night. Sometimes my sleepless night is caused by the slight pain on my left knee joint. I hope to treat the left knee joint tumor when I take my next treatment which I planned to do in May 2012 when the weather is warmer in Germany. Again, depending on my body condition, I may bring forward the treatment earlier in Bangkok instead. I have been informed that the hospital in Bangkok is not authorised by the Government to offer such treatment.

I think many of you have been thinking that I am doing a lot of self diagnosis and self medication. As you know, I have rejected conventional treatment and adopted the Gerson Therapy (GT). GT has been quite good to me but not good enough. I have seen a number of alternative practitioners and somehow I was not comfortable with what was recommended to me. Under the circumstances, it looks like I have to trust my own judgement to select some other form of treatment to complement GT. Put it this way, it would be good to be supervised by someone because it's very tiring to search and constantly read what remedies are available for myself. But after seeing how some of alternative practitioners treat people that I know, I thought I would have to take a bigger role to heal myself and not just depend on what these people recommend.


  1. It is ok to sleep at 6pm when u feel tired. Old old time people sleep at 7pm and wake up at 4am to start their daily work

  2. Hi CT,

    I wonder if sauna would be helpful for you to break into sweats... i measured my body temp before to be 36.5 DegC and after the session (20 mins with heat + 30 mins with the heat off), my body temp raised up to 38.2 DegC. It is definitely not comparable to the hyperthermia treatment you are considering but it probably can relieve you from some discomfort.

    Although i must admit that i do not know if it is suitable for you at this stage. Jz FYI, If you are interested. I bought a portable one for RM890 (with carbon fiber and bioceramic heater).

    Best regards,

  3. Dear Audrey,

    I get the sensations throughout the day and also a few times at nights. I am not sure if it is practical or advisable to do personal sauna so many times a day just to sweat it out.

    Anyway, this is just treating the symptom and not the root cause of the problem. According to Dr Robert Gorter, MD (author of Fighting Cancer - A Nontoxic approach to treatment), this happens because the core body temperature of a cancer patient is about 0.5°C lower than that of a normal person and hence cannot mount a fever on its own. Taking a hot drink is a simple and temporary measure to bring relief for the moment. I hope that with the Hyperthermia Therapy that I am going to do later on will address the root cause of the problem.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

  4. Hi Chang,
    This question has been in my mind for quite some time. Why didn't you continue with the HIFU treatment to kill all the tumors?

  5. Another question, is the tumor that was successfully destroyed still in your kidney as dead tissue, or was it disintegrated?

  6. Dear Justin,

    HIFU treatment is not suitable for certain type of cancers or when it has spread to certain organs, eg. lung cancer.

    For kidney cancer, the tumor does not grow from inside the kidney. Instead it grows on the outside of the kidney and the tumor wraps itself round the kidney causing it to die. So when the tumors tissues around the kidney are destroyed, the kidney is freed.

    Tissues destroyed are left inside the body and will depend on the body to clear it up over a period of time. The end result are usually scars left.

  7. Chang,

    I know how is it like when you are sleepy but can't sleep. Journey on, it is by no means easy, whilst you are searching what is best for yourself, you also benefit others by blogging those research, great personality,

    May God bless you