Friday, February 17, 2012

The Mind Is Willing But The Body Is Weak

You must have noticed that I have not been updating my  blog daily since I came back from my treatment in China. This is because I am not feeling very comfortable during the day due to some pain from my right abdomen and right leg. In the evening I get some relief because of the pain killer that I take. I must admit the pain has affected my daily activities and also concentration.

I have taken my mobility for granted, not having any problems moving about for the last 50 years but now, I find myself in unfamiliar territory. I am partly physically handicapped. Many times this can be frustrating. Emotionally, I am also feeling much more helpless now and would have to depend on people around me to get certain work done. Although a few of my friends have offered to fetch me around, I find that a bit troublesome for them. Anyway, I am able to drive short distance without too much pain and if I need to go out a little longer, I will have to take the pain killer. Previously I also go out to meet a lot more people but now, I rather stay home not just because of the pain but also not to hurt myself (such a falling down) while out there. I have spoken to a few other cancer patients who have mobility problems and now I can understand better what they are going through.

You would also have noticed that I am now updating my blog later in the day and sometimes in the middle of the night, list this post. Earlier the day, I fell asleep around 6pm (not that I intended but I was just tired) and after that I am unable to sleep even at 2am. Possibly I will have to wait for 3am or 4am before I can fall asleep. So I spent some of the sleepless night updating my blog and also doing some reading.


  1. Hi Chang,

    From the comment section, I noticed that the time zone was not adjusted to Malaysian time. I always assumed that the time shown in your posting was also not Malaysian time. I posted this comment at 4.33pm. Let's see whether the time displayed is correct.

    It's no joke unable to sleep during nights. My wife has the same problem. In fact nowadays many middle-aged have this problem. Lucky for me I can sleep well. And this is my problem, I always feel sleepy, and I can sleep anytime anywhere.

    Hope you catch up with your sleep. Take care.

  2. Hi Chang, I hv been following your blog for some time, thanks for sharing your journey!! I am doing modified GT for almost 3 yrs now, but have one unanswered question about its "conflict" with Chinese medicinal theory, thus my parents always against me taking up so much raw juices as they think is too "cold/yin" for the body, I know u hv learned TCM, would appreciate you share your thought on that. Pauline

  3. Dear Pauline,

    During the formulation of the TCM remedy, various herbs are combined and used to treat a particular sickness or condition. However, some characteristics of herbs may be cold, pungent, etc. In order balance out the coldness, the physician may add another herb. My explanation has been simplified but I hope you get the idea.

    For example, the juicing that you mentioned, raw vegetables and fruits are mainly alkaline in nature and therefore "cold/yin" in nature. So what we can do now is to add another vegetable to change or modify the nature or efficacy of the juices. One way is to warm the juices before drinking but that will kill the nutrients and enzymes. Another way is to add a slice of ginger at the time of juicing but that may make the juice a little difficult to drink. It would be better to boil old ginger with water and drink the ginger drink one hour after you drink the juices. This has the effect of cancelling the "cold/yin" nature of the juices.

    This was you can continue to take the juices and balance the coldness with ginger which is warm in nature. Hope this helps.

  4. Chang, thanks for replying! I shall add some old ginger powder to my juices then!
    For some time I wanted to mention this to you, have u researched on Dr Burzynski's antineoplaston cancer treatment. I know u hv well read abt all possible treatments u might hv already knew this one, if not, check it out.

  5. Dear Pauline,

    Dr Burzynski's antineoplaston cancer treatment is now under FDA approved clinical trials and the only way to get this treatment is to go to his clinic in Texas and stay for a period of time to get the treatment.

    Costs wise, I think it is possibly beyond my means and hence I will have to look for other forms of treatment.

    Thanks for the suggestion.