Sunday, February 5, 2012

Down But Not Out

I think one of the things I did wrong was that I focused to much on my cancer therapy. According to Dr. Demuth (in the book, German Cancer Breakthrough by Andrew Scholberg), be careful what you focus on, because what you focus on tends to grow. If you focus all of your attention on cancer, you’re likely to get more stress and more cancer. If you focus instead on health and healing, you’re likely to get more health and healing.

I thought after the bad news on Friday, I would react badly. Yes, I did feel very sad but surprisingly by Friday night, I was back on my usual self again. No more shed of tears for the bad news, maybe I have becoming more accepting of my condition. Instead I spent the night thinking what I can do to improve my health. By the way, I slept very well on Friday and Saturday night. Anyway, I spent the whole of Saturday reading on the Hyperthermia therapy (also know as Fever therapy). Incidentally, my friend Yeong, just happened to complete reading the book Fighting Cancer - A Nontoxic Approach to Treatment by Robert Gorter, MD, PhD and Erik Peper, PhD called me after reading my Friday post. The book he was reading also uses Hyperthermia as the anchor therapy supported by other additional immune therapies. Dr. Gorter and Dr. Peper are both cancer survivors and Dr. Gorter used Hyperthermia and mistletoe (Viscum album) to cure himself of Stage IV germ-cell carcinoma at the age of 26. He went on to develop the Gorter Model of fighting cancer which is based on strengthening the immune system and then using the immune system to fight the cancer. Dr. Gorter also founded the Medical Center in Cologne, Germany to treat cancer patients using the Gorter Model. I like to thank Yeong for loaning me the book to read. He also offered to be my chauffeur in case I can't drive. What a friend to have in time of need!

After my treatment in Chongqing, China, my Chinese doctors told me that I need to get additional treatment using conventional drugs because they don't think there are other options opened to me. Of course, I kept quiet as I think that is not the path I am taking. I have been thinking since what else can I do to improve my own health and then a cancer friend emailed me about Hyperthermia therapy. The timing seems perfect because after reading the documentation, I am convinced that these therapies which are immune building are in line with my present approach. Not just the testimonials but also backed by strong research evidence all over the world.

As you know, I am against doing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. There is an exception when chemotherapy or radiotherapy are used as targeted therapy, meaning the treatment is applied directly to the tumors in controlled quantities, for which I would consider the treatment. Dr. Demuth warned, “After conventional radiation treatment, the body can never recover. You always have side effects, but not visible side effects. The patient can’t feel the radiation, so conventional doctors cavalierly say, ‘Radiation treatment was tolerated very well by the patient.’ But what about later? The white blood cell count goes down for life! Not much can be done to undo that damage.” So you know why I am not jumping to see my oncologist to get the dose of radiation to treat my left knee joint.

So besides the six clinics that I mentioned earlier, there is now an additional clinic in Cologne to consider. Incidentally, my cancer friend also told me that nearer back home, there is a hospital in Bangkok that also offers Hyperthermia therapy as well. At this moment, I am monitoring the progress my HIFU treatment recovery. There are still healing pain every now and then. I can only start the Hyperthermia therapy when I have recovered and hopefully, that can be achieved by end March 2012. My December 2011 experience in China reminds me that my body may not be able to adapt to the cold weather which is why I planned to get treatment in Germany during the summer months. But then the summers months are still four months away and I may not have that much time left if my body condition deteriorates in the meantime. So depending on my body condition, I may seek treatment in Bangkok earlier instead. This cancer friend of mine is seeking Hyperthermia treatment in Bangkok and I am following her progress closely.


  1. CT - "Down But Not Out" ... that's the spirit to adopt !

  2. if you want another book on sauna therapy by Nenah Sylver. This is her website.

    This lady has also written the leading guide book to Rife therapy.

    I believe you need cancer is a virus as per Dr.Rife and i also believe in Dr Clark works. You may want to consider liver cleanse, worm killing using black wallnut tincter, clothes seeds and wormwood tincture.

    I don't about Attitude being really important but give it a go.

    Your fight is not over till you are stopped breathing.


  3. My special friend's passed away because of trusted your Hyperthermia therapy and she done her Hyperthermia therapy in Bangkok last Feb 13, 2012 and passed away in early March because of short of breathing... Please think twice before you make a decision... well everyone may and may NOT be suitable...and the treatment is not Cheap though... if it's so good WHY my friend DIE?.... U kill her too soon!!...