Thursday, February 2, 2012

Long Nights

Most nights, I have been sleeping late, almost at about 3am. However, I could not sleep last night. Of late, I have this cold feeling on my hands and feet. It as if you have rubbed some mint on the skin. This sensation came about from the exposure of my hands and foot from the wind of the fan. For my legs, even though I have been wearing long pants, I still feel the cold sensation, as if the wind has penetrated the pants to contact the skin. The I don't know why  have this feeling of late. Yesterday night was really frustrating when I can't sleep and trying to wait for morning to break. I spent most of my time massing my hand and legs with ointment. Finally I think I managed to catch some sleep at about 5.30am. If things don't improve by tonight, I will see a doctors for some medications.

Last Sunday, I tried to drive around the neighborhood. It's feel good to be able to drive again. I tried again yesterday afternoon and today for much longer distances. I think I can drive short distances because after sitting for a while, I will experience some pain from my right abdomen. I am still not able to carry any heavy things. For my trip back from China, I took pain killers to enable me to take the journey. So for now, I will not try to travel anywhere far.

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  1. I will be leaving for guangzhou next week. Hope to drop by to see you before i leave.