Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Message of Thanks


Very few people, if any at all, knew that Chang asked me to be the custodian of his blog in the year 2010. A custodian is a person whom the blogger has entrusted to take over the blog when the blogger  is unable. When he was away for HIFU treatment in China, I  helped him with the postings. I asked him to find a substitute but realised that he had not done so after the blog was left unattended to. So, I decided to do my last bit for my dear friend and expected nothing in return. Therefore, I am  touched by readers who have taken the trouble to thank me. It was an honour being able to update for him and you. Thank you so much for your kindness and support. You have been great supporters of Chang.

Chang's Friend


  1. Thank you. You are a true friend indeed.

  2. Maha sadhu for your kindness & compassion.

    with metta,

  3. Thank You, keeping us updated. true friend you are.

    Thank you Again Chang's Friend.

  4. Thank you again. If not for you, I would have missed visiting my good friend at his house and could not inform all Chee Teck's childhood friends on time.

    Once again, thank you very much.

    How Beng

  5. Thank you ... not just for keeping us updated but reading to Chang all our notes ..

    Bless you CF

  6. Thanks for everything you have done for him and his family..

  7. Dear CT's friend

    Thank you very much for your work. I sincerely hope you will carry on with this blog. I am sure all the other followers will agree with me. Keep us update of Chang's family and even yourself. BTW, I am also very sure others would very much like photos of the present situation of Chang's wake. Once again, thank you very much.

  8. Dear Chang's friend
    Keep up the good job, I think he asked you becas you have his level of thinking and maturity, kindness, sincerity, compassion and definitely a passionate close friend and confidante to him.
    You have done well and had connected to his followers and readers the right way. Do continue to keep us posted on related subjects on this blog which I think his family do not want to take up this role. It takes maturity to do it.
    Yeah I agree to sincerely hope you will, will carry on....
    Thank you very much again.

    Our heartfelt deepest condolences and do keep strong in this hour of grief to Chang's family, parents, wife and children, brothers and sisters.

    Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sama Sambuddhassa

    Homage to the Blissful One, the Worthy One, the Fully Enlightened One

    Mrs Heng YC

  9. Dear Chang's Fren,

    Your kind gesture for updating this blog has benefitted all the followers of CT Chang's blog Upekha.
    All of us are anxious to know the latest info about Chang. A sincere thank you to you and your effort is much appreciated. Amitabha.

  10. Chang was fortunate to have such a wonderful friend in you. Thank you once again. Take care.

  11. You are such a dear friend to Chang and all the readers of this blog.

  12. You have done a wonderful service at his last lap of life as we are able to receive updates up to his alst breath. Would appreciate if you can take photos of his wake and funeral and post it on this blog for all his readers to see and pay respect for the last time. Well done my friend..Keep up your good meritorious deeds.

  13. Chang's friend, I forgot to thank you as I was too preocuppied in Chang's condition. Yes, my warmest thank you to you for updating how he was until the last moment.

    Wise men think alike, you have his flair in writing and you know what he wanted to let us know.

    You are indeed a good buddy of Chang.


  14. Thank you. I read his blog daily to know how he was doing health wise. Thank you.
    Dr. Chong

  15. Thank you Changs friend, a true friend indeed! Do keep us inform.

  16. Thank you, Chang's friend. Yes, I totally agree that you have done an excellent job in keeping us updated on Chang's condition during his critical days right up to his last breath. May you be Well & Happy Always. Maha Sadhu and with metta... Friends from SJBA

  17. You are just great, Chang's friend. I wish to meet you in person one day.

    Gary Kang

  18. CF,

    Thank you

    I talked to Mrs Chang at the wake for a while , although I could have asked if we could possibly meet CF, but I didn't.

    Now that Gary has repeated his request (see above post)I guess echo now but also add if Khadijah, if she still follows the blog, that we all meet one day at Gary's restaurant, being vegetarian , is it considered halal?

    I am fascinated by Khajidah's remark of lightening our baggage even as we pass on?? It is not easy to understand let alone practising it next day

    Rgds, KokPiew

    1. Dear Kok Piew,
      Baggage is the burden we carry with us, generally weighing us down. Emotional baggage prevents us from progressing to our higher self. It can be unforgiveness, guilt,regret or anything that prevents us from being our true self. When travelling, it is less stressful when we have less luggage to lug around so that we can focus on the purpose of our trip.


    2. Khadijah,

      TQ for the response. I fully appreciate what you said but in the context of the journey (of passing on) is truly a new perspective for me. TQ for reminding that's also another journey. After reading yr remark the first time I hv repeated the subject a few times with family n frens, so much so it made me to go back to this book, which I read some time ago, REPACKING YOUR BAGS Lighten Your Load for the Rest of Your Life by Leider & Shapiro,it is certainly worth another round of digesting, hopefully implementing , Rgds


  19. Dear Kok Piew,

    I really hope I can meet all of you at my vegetarian restaurant. Really keen to meet all of you wonderful people of all faiths.

    Let's make this a reality. A wonderful thing that Chang would like to see.

    Let me have the honour to host this event. Anyone of you here can reach me at

    Gary Kang

  20. Khadijah is one great soul I wish to meet. She has shown us different in faiths is not a barrier to shower love and compassion to all people.

    In fact, I believe this is the real teaching of all religions.

    Life is short, why differentiate amongst us, different race, skin colour, religion, creed, etc, etc?

    Gary Kang

  21. Farewell C.T. Chang. I have been a silent reader of your blog (upekah) for the past 2yrs since the day my mum has been diagnosed with cancer. You have fought valiantly against your kidney cancer, educating thousands if not millions of other readers in your quest to fight this difficult war. You are an inspiration, a light in the darkness of the tunnel for other fellow travellers and their families. Your postings and frequent updates is a constant source of hope for other fellow cancer patients. I and others will miss you dearly.

    May your soul be blessed with eternal bliss.

    Jessen fr Singapore

  22. Dear Chang's Friend,

    Thank you for keeping as posted to the very end.

    Chang is truly bless to have a friend such you.
    I know how hard it is also for you in losing a dear friend.
    Posting for Chang and giving us update even in his difficult times. You have been a great deal in Chang's Journey here on earth and unto the after life.
    You have made him proud.

    Grieve if you must but be strong as he wants us all to be.

    May God bless you, Chang's Friend...


  23. To chang's friend,

    May God bless you for all the time and effort you showed Chang...

    Chang was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer September 2009, my mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in Dec 2009.. and since March 2010 I have been an avid follower of Chang..

    tho he and my mother both used Gerson Therapy as their main therapy ... Chang and I kind of did'nt see eye to eye in many aspects.. specially when he started taking on more agressive treatments (even if it is alternative).. I have truly respected and admired his steadfastness, I have wished that I could see him then and emailed him several times to see if my mother and I can visit him... but he would'nt reply. (tho he replied on my other emails about other topics)... you are priveleged to be having the opportunity to be trusted by him.

    I also hope that as non-Buddhist I will be accepted in your circle as Chang's fan/friend (even if I was a part-time critic)...and that we can all continue to converse either via his blog or in some other medium.

    Lanie (fr Singapore)

    1. i understand why he wouldn't want to see this woman and her mother. Christian freaks

    2. I just want to inform all concerned that I am not the anonymous commentor above. In the spirit of goodwill and great respect for Chang, I sincerely hope that elegant silence can bear witness to Buddhist wisdom.

  24. Dear Lanie,

    I can feel your 'kindness' towards Chang even though, in your own words, "Chang and I kind of did'nt see eye to eye in many aspects.. ".

    The question you have to ask yourself is, "Why other commentators, who apparently profess different religion to Chang's have no this didn't see eye to eye with Chang feeling?". An obvious one is none other than Khadijah.

    I personally have 'crossed swords' with you, and for the benefit of other commentators here for easy reference, I copied some links to refresh our memory.

    Well, there is nothing wrong for being devoted to one's religion like yourself, Christianity. But, to impose one's beliefs onto others is unnecessary and can be very annoying.

    For this, we Buddhists will never do this, i.e. to impose what he believes onto others. Even Lord Buddha didn't do that to his disciples during his time.

    I have no problem in accepting you in this circle of Chang's fans / friends. I myself have some Christian friends who constantly (or I should say, stubbornly) inviting me to their churches with the hope to convert me into a Christian.

    The point is this, even if to satisfy them, I regard myself as a Christian, so what? To be very frank with you, I can do that so to satisfy their egos, so that I can stop them constantly or stubbornly coaxing me.

    Whatever, I hope my comment here doesn't annoyed you and this is not the time to argue who's right or wrong. I wish you can think it over what I said.

    Have a nice day, my friend Lanie.


    Gary Kang

  25. anonymous, your indifference is just another drop of water on a duck's back.

    Gary no, I am never offfended by all this.. I totally understand your and even Chang's reaction then and wont be surprised at all if all of you attack me in this forum either openly or not..

    am not imposing my beliefs on others, if I did come out like that I apologise.. if I see a friend crossing a highway and saw a speeding truck -- I would shout at him.. and I recognise that in some instances it seems Chang was crossing a highway and a speeding truck was about to hit him.. I guess your friends would have felt the same way too..about you (perhaps they see you crossing a highway oblivious to a speeding truck, its up to you to ignore your well meaning friends.. but as a well meaning friend.. I cannot afford to stop shouting at you.. until at least that speeding truck is gone or slowed down at least for you to see/hear it with your own eyes/ears)...

    Now Chang is gone, but you are still around Gary and so are some of your friends.. all is not lost..

    I probably have to repeat that Christianity is not a religion.. some professing Christians make it a religion in the same way Buddhists make a religion out of the philosophy of Gautama Buddha. Even Guatama himself will be so sorry to know that you are elevating him to a Deity.. because that is the very reason why he left Hinduism .. he was tired of the many deities .. do you think he would be happy now that he is now part of those many deities he once hated most?

    a relationship with God (one that truly allows you a meaningful conversation)-- is what I have.. not religion..

    1. When he was 29 years old, being disappointed by the suffering around. Siddhartha Gautama (The historical Buddha) decided to leave everything behind and became an hermit. Before finding his own path, he went to Hindu gurus to find an answer to the problem of suffering.

      Like many of his teachers, he first practiced self-mortification. Soon he found that this path would not allow him to attain illumination if he was to die of starvation first. I decided then to practice something the Buddhist call the middle-way?a path of moderation away from the extremes of self-indulgence and self-mortification.

      It is suggested that Buddhism gained popularity in India because it released the people from the oppression of tradition and orthodoxy attached to Hinduism. The teachings of the Buddha created hope and an alternative for the people who had no hope of salvation and freedom of choice in a society dominated by the caste system, the rigid rituals and the unchanging status only the elite could hope to enjoy. The Vedic religion was very much a rigid mold in which Buddhism too shape and outgrew to encompass everyone, no matter their caste or origin.

      Gautama didnt claim that he is a son of God, he didnt call himself a Deity.. I am pretty sure that he didnt intend for anyone to make a religion out of his philisophy and for anyone to call him Lord, God..and far less to be put into a pedestal to be worshipped..

      No!! he challeged Indians and all the people he meets to seek the truth and keep seeking the can you claim you have tried to seek the truth when all you did is take whatever tradition you grew up with? Gautama released himself from the shackles of tradition .. how about you?

  26. If that is what you know about Buddha and Buddhism, so be it. Let others judge on you.

    Also, I don't know why you said I am elevating Buddha to a Deity. Again, let others judge on this.

    Well, it's not appropriate to have hard words in this blog of Chang, who is gone, more so to comment on the path he chose to go. Due respect must be accorded on Chang, his family and Chang's friend (CF).

    You can reach me by emailing to me. It's not appropriate to comment anything about Chang. Let's not mess up this very noble efforts of Chang.

    Gary Kang

  27. Please do not argue too much here. Do not argue on this blog and mess it up. For goodness sake, respect it!!!! Please do not use this blog to use as a forum to argue on religion.
    Very disrespectful!!!
    Respect CF and Chang, please.
    Especially Lanie and......

    Stephanie von Graff

  28. Anonymous and Gary, you can email me at or visit my blog .. I have a post specially for CHang there.