Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exercise Caution

Chang had planned to write a post on his experience with HIFU but he did not manage to. So, I am writing this post based on the little information I have, of what actually happened in order that it may benefit  readers as well as those looking for alternative therapies.

On November 3, 2011 Chang wrote about the HIFU therapy. He said, "I am quite hopeful because it's minimal or non-invasive form of procedure. A patient can actually walk as early as 4 hours after the procedure.", However, the real experience in China was very different. He felt very weak after the procedure, was nauseous and was in quite alot of pain. In fact, he had a really tough time. You may read about his experience after he went for the HIFU procedure from postings he made from December 2011 onwards.

Six months after the procedure, this is what he wrote (ref post on June 29, 2012). "However, my experience with cancer pain only started in the last four months or so. In fact, it started after my HIFU treatment in China and I believe it has to do with the dead tumor tissues inside my right abdominal area and also the healing wounds of the tissues and blood vessels after the HIFU treatment"

He had also expected that the HIFU procedure would be able to remove the entire kidney tumour. However, it was only able to remove 90% of it. He discovered this fact only when he was there. 

It is not my intention here to speculate on what happened. We also have to bear in mind that after the HIFU therapy, he did not go back to China for follow up. He said that it was not necessary. He was also not closely monitored by a local doctor. Without a scan, he had assumed that the constant pain at his abdominal area was from dead tumour tissues after HIFU. In July this year, doctors discovered that the cancer had spread mainly to his abdominal area causing him great pain and later, breathing difficulties.

Even though we do our research, there may still be many things we may miss or be unable to anticipate, just from reading research material from the internet and books. In his own words. Chang said "What I want to say is that in theory, it may sound very good but in practice, it may not be so simple."

I urge readers to take the time to find out more information as well as get feedback from other patients on any treatment which they wish to pursue. Of course, we understand that cancer patients sometimes feel that they are running out of time. As for the HIFU therapy, researchers in Europe are still doing trials in its use for cancer treatment. But they are not sure how well this will work as yet.

(Updated by Chang's Friend)


  1. Thank you Chang's Friend for continuing your friend's legacy and keeping us informed through this blog of his experiences which I know alot of people out there could benefit, especially those that are using HIFU and alternative medicine.


  2. Thank you for this update. Very much appreciated.

  3. Chang's friend,

    Thanks for this extra posting. When Chang's cancer got worse I did make the connection to the HIFU myself. Chang was doing well prior although his tumors were not shrinking. Of course he wanted to get better and gave HIFU a try in hope. So unlucky that the cancer only used it as an opportunity to spread. I can't say how HIFU might affect other cancers, but in his case perhaps it wasn't a good idea.

  4. I think Chang placed too much confidence on HIFU procedure to remove the tumor cells. In fact in most cases when a cancer patient undergoing chemo or surgery, the chances of metastasis to other organ or relapse of cancer will occur in 1-3 yrs time and normally the oncologists won't tell you much about its side effects, since they want to do your business. I have just created my blog to create public awareness globally about using herbal plants to cure many types cancers without going to unknown journey of chemo or surgery. There is one famous herb consultant in Malaysia Dr.Tiang who has 40 yrs of expertise in treating many serious diseases, some of the patients are even referred to him for further treatments from local hospitals. In fact our body is the BEST doctor, only that we need to provide the necessary nutrients(weapons)from suitable plants for our immune system to fight virus, bactoria and tumor cell.

  5. Hello brother Michael Lee,
    Could you kindly share with us more about this herb consultant Dr.Tiang i.e. his address and/or contact. Thank you.

  6. Hi Chang's friend,

    It is very kind of you to take the trouble to provide further articles on this blog. I still believe that Chang body condition deteriorated after the HIFU procedure in China. He took the chance because he thought the operation was less invasive than the conventional method.

  7. Pls contact me for the information of CMDR.Tiang you are looking for by email:

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