Saturday, August 18, 2012

The End is Near

This will probably be one of the last few postings I will be making unless my condition improves.

I am really very very tired and I realised writing even for a post takes up a lot of energy.

I thank all of you being there to support me especially during this most difficult time of my life.

I will end this post with the following thoughts:

Clinging to life against the inevitable is to create more suffering
There is no life without death
The good and bad comes to decay
All things shall come to pass.

Do not waiver your mind when the test is near
Hold steadfast in your believes
When the road forth is no more
Embrace with grace that the end is near.

May all of you be free from danger, free from mental and physical suffering. May you all be well and happy always.

(Last Post by CT Chang)


  1. CT, be at peace with what is happening. No need to post anymore, and enjoy your family. May you have a smooth journey....

  2. Dear CT, I just don't know what to say or write.

  3. Dear Mr. CT Chang,

    I've been following your blog for more than a year now. Thank you for sharing so many of your useful knowledge with the world on cancer treatments and your journey. Despite having to face up with so many challenges yourself during this difficult period of time, your profound efforts on this blog have been helpful to many in many different ways. A whole lot of people around the world have been inspired and motivated by you. And a whole lot of people have benefited from your effort. On behalf of everybody, THANK YOU, SIR
    May Peace Be With You
    John Tay

  4. Dear Chang,
    I have been following you blog since mid'2011 when my wife was diagnosed having cancer, I really learn a lot from you. I respect your spirit & your sharing of all the knowledge & experience. I will always remember you & will try to pass on your knowledge to anyone needed.
    Thank you, Brother
    Bong CN

  5. Dear Chang,

    You are always on my mind, you are always on my mind.

    Our body will decay somehow, but our mind live on. I am honoured to have met you in person. Peace on you, my dear friend.

    Yours truly,

    Gary Kang.

  6. CT
    Thank you for sharing so much with all of us..I wish you peace and love...


  7. Dear CT,

    Although I do not know you personally...following your blog has made many of us feel close to you. You have been so open about your condition and therapies.

    Thank you so much for sharing and enlightening us on the various treatment options. You have truly been an inspiration!

    You have fought a long...hard...brave battle; and I know you are tired. There comes a time when one decides they just cannot go on; the road is just too long.

    May you have peace and tranquility, wherever your journey now leads you.

    Much Love,

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us Chang; best wishes always

  9. CT, spend the remaining time with the family. Thank you so much for all the life lessons and information you so selflessly shared with us, and for your well wishes. Will pray that your entry into the great karmic recycler will be a painless one.

  10. Dear CT,
    You are a real warrior of Life, you have my highest respect, The never give up spirit inspire us all.

  11. Dear CT,
    Knew of your blog when trying to learn about castor oil enema.
    Though not knowing you in person, but you are as a friend and a teacher to me. I am glad to have a chance (though virtually) to associate with a wise person like you. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  12. Dear CT,
    thank you for all your postings, which I always waited. May peace will always be with you...

  13. Hi CT,
    I came to read about your blog 2 years ago. Although I don't follow your progress everyday, but each time I log on to Upekah, I just pray that you are the winner but not the cancer.
    Your latest topic "the end is near" should be followed by "the start of new happy beginning". You should feel ready to move on to your new journey awaiting for you.

  14. Hi CT,

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart...Have a peaceful journey. Love and light!

  15. Dear Bro. Chang,
    Pls try to recollect daily all the good deeds that you have done throughout your presnt life so that you will feel happy and a peaceful mind at all times. This will pave you to a better rebirth. This advice was given by our late Chief Ven. K.Sri Dhammananda. Hope whatever Dhamma knowledge that you accumulated will serve a purpose and carried forward to your next existence. May all devas and brahmas blessed you a safe journey. May you be at peace with yourself.

  16. Dear CT, have been following your blog for 2 years and have ever since, dedicated merits to you after every session of chanting either at home or in the Buddhist temple. May you be blessed with peace and wisdom.Every ending dots another beginning. The merits you have accumulated by sharing your knowledge and efforts with the vast readers out there, serve you no regrets for this life. You have been incredible.

  17. Chang,
    Thank you again for coming over to share with my group. We will always remember you as a great fighter. It is the people like you who inspires me to help others

  18. Dear Chang. Thank u for coming to my house to share with the cancer support group. I learned to aporeciates life after your sharing. I have been praying for you since and will continue to. May god continue to give u strength.
    God bless....Annie Chai

  19. Chang,

    Be strong and know that you have truly lived a legacy. Be at peace as you have shared everything there is to share. Be comforted to know that your family is with you and you have so many friends and sojourners who love you. Be healed as you have truly cleansed your attachment to the secular world. As much as I would like to hope for a miracle, we are but a speck of dust in the entire universe. My deepest honour is to have known you on this journey; you humbled me with your simple view of life. You take care, my friend. I will continue to pray for you and your journey ahead. Never lose hope and always look forward to what lies ahead... Still, miracles can happen! No tears, have ran a good race and the prize lies waiting for you.



  20. Do what ur heart tells u. Thank you for the sharing of a life journey most of us dont think we will ever travel....never know...but your blog have laid out the details for us to learn from you and helps u prepare ourselves if we ourselves need to walk the same path. Carry on your journey. Today again I have offered flowers for you, for your body immunity to strengthen, for the cells in your body to rejuvenate, the cancer cells to die, the pain to go away and most important of all, a smile on your face. Take a deep breath and smile Chang. Ai Wee

  21. Dear Chang, i have never met you but read your blog all the time to know how you are doing. I pray for your sufferings to come to an end and where you will be free from earthly sufferings. Your readers thank you as you have selflessly shared with us and your never give up spirit inspire us all. We love you and thank you, teacher. Peace and love, Em.

  22. You have given me such vast knowledge abt cancer management. I have been reading your blog to learn to cope when I had a sister to care for (sadly, she passed away exactly a month ago).
    You are an unsung hero to me if you had not known it yet. You have shared my burden even though you have your own cross to carry.
    With all my heart, I wish that you can still get better. You have made enough research abt your condition and you will know what to do to improve your condition, no doubt about it.

  23. Dear CT,

    May peace be with you. You are such a remarkable fighter. Bravo, you are already a winner in our eyes.


  24. Dear CT,

    You know, you are an extraordinary person - even greater than Frank Sinatra's "My Way". May you have a good journey and be happy & peaceful. And may all your family members be well, happy and peaceful.


  25. Dear CT
    Your contribution to humanity in this blog will be recognised far and long and for all time.
    In my eyes, you are a fighter. May you be in peace and rest. May your family members be well, happy and at peace that you have live your life to the fullest.

  26. Dear Chang,

    I really do not know what to say, my tears just kept rolling down when I read your blog this morning. You are such a strong man even at this very difficult moment.

    I know you have lived a wonderful life and I will pray for you.

    Sincerely yours,

  27. Dear Chang,

    May the teachings of the Buddha guide you through your final moments;

    May the merits you garnered give you a higher rebirth;

    May the prayers of your loved ones be with you till the end;

    May the well-fought battle leave you with no regrets;

    May your selfless act of sharing knowledge be a shining beacon to all;

    May the memories of you live forever in our hearts;

    Last but not least, from all whose hearts you have touched:

    May the final journey you embark on be as peaceful as can be.

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    If you have enough strength, do walk as much as you could. This is to build up your immune system, remove stagnant fluid from your body. Walking also increase the red and white blood cell production and move the lympatic system. Get some morning sun to improve your immunity. Morning sunlight and walking is free.

  29. Dear Chang

    I salute you and though I always admired your determination and fighting spirit and always wanted you to fight on, I changed my thought last Saturday after I visited you. I realised that you are tired and suffering from this long and hard battle. You are now in a stage to fight your greatest battle and the pain and suffering is only known by yourself. I am glad that you are ready to face the next stage whether you win or lose this battle because you are ready. Through the 2 hours with you, I still know in your heart you still want to overcome this challenge and I agree with you that this will be the toughest challenge for you. I sincerely hope that no matter what the outcome is, with a slice of hope just don't give up. You have nothing to lose.

    I know I sound contradicting. I wish you all the BEST and I am really honour to have a friend like you. Thank you, Chang!


    1. It is with great sadness to read the heading tonight of this post. I've had this feeling that you maybe losing the battle with this cancer over the last few months. Having lost a sister to cancer last year, i know the lose of a love one affects the mother and father and the partner the most. I found my mother crying for my sister at her home yesterday. Peace never comes for the living. You will be remembered everyday at least 4 times a day.

      Following your blog for the last 22months has been an enlighting experience. The path you have taken has been the right one to find the cure to cancer even though it has not worked for you. It has given you an extra 20months more than conventional medicine would have given to you.

      I would sent you my Rife number5 machine to you but i have not got all the parts as yet and i have not tested it yet.

      All the best in the next life.

  30. I came back from Taiwan yesterday, this is the first blog I opened, sad to read this news.
    Be with your parents and family and enjoy the moments together.
    Appreciate you will retain this blog as it has a lot of valuable contents and knowledge here, be a legacy for all of us.
    Out of a sudden I sneezed 10 times -perhaps it's a salute to you, for your brave and courageous journey that you have undergone.

  31. Chang,

    You hv made a difference to more people in this 30 over months of cancer journey than your career of finance. I am very proud of have a friend like you, move on......, may God bless you & family, nkp


    Hi CT,
    I would like to invite you to read up the link above as a source of encouragement.
    I know how difficult it is for you now because I accompanied my dad to go thru this path during the last few months. He went back to be with our LORD 2 months ago.
    Though I don't know you in person, your blog had given me ideas to encourage him to fight cancer at that time. I am so proud of you for being a resilient fighter.
    My best wishes to you and as promised earlier, I will continue to remember you in my prayer.

    Best wishes,


    Hi CT,
    I would like to invite you to read up the link above as a source of encouragement.
    I know how difficult it is for you now because I accompanied my dad to go thru this path during the last few months. He went back to be with our LORD 2 months ago.
    Though I don't know you in person, your blog had given me ideas to encourage him to fight cancer at that time. I am so proud of you for being a resilient fighter.
    My best wishes to you and as promised earlier, I will continue to remember you in my prayer.

    Best wishes,

  34. Dear CT Chang,

    Somehow, you have been a father figure to me. Albeit virtually. I admire your courage and your selfishness to share you journey in detail-- not withholding anything whether good or bad news. Last night, I was not able to sleep - Tossed and turned until about 2am, cant figure out what is wrong. On my way to the office, I asked the Lord who I should pray for today.. then somehow, He reminded me of you.

    May God's grace be all that you need today.. be all that you need to survive today..

    May God continue to speak to your heart.. and may you accept His loving hands and come into His presence with peace in your heart.


  35. To Chang's daughter,

    if you are reading this.. please can you keep us updated of your father's status? we will keep praying for him. Hope he agrees to give you the login name and password to his blog so you can update it yourself.


  36. @ Allen,
    I agree that the human body will fight up to the last milli-second and that Chang maybe tired and decide to just give up fighting-- and that this could be the best battle of his life. that's why I would like to summon his love ones to keep us updated and do a prayer vigil for him...

  37. Dear Chang

    Thank you for sharing your life's journey with all of us. Through your blog, I found out many things about this thing called cancer. My mum was also recently diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer and I turned to your blog for information.

    I wish you love and peace and may god's richest blessings be upon you and the family.


    1. Hi Wendy,
      I have a her "hak min cheong kuan" that has helped many with Breast Cancer and even Cervical cancer. Drop me an email at

      With metta,

  38. Chang,

    Please allow me to offer a simple prayer for you. Thanks for just being yourself and sharing that with us. Without cancer, the world will never have known you; in that sense, cancer brings life.

    God of all Creation,
    Be with CT Chang now
    and at the hour of his death.
    Shelter him from harms' way
    and lead him on the path to eternal life.
    Receive his simple and humble life,
    all that he is, and everything he has done.
    May the Angel of Mercy stay near him,
    protecting him, defending him,
    this day and always, for all eternity.
    May you grant peace and comfort to his loved ones.


  39. CT Chang,

    “Do not be afraid; just have faith (Mark 5:36b).”

    God is not the cause of suffering and death. This world in which we find ourselves is broken by our sins; suffering and death are thus a part of our human existence.

    But, God has not abandoned us, even though we abandoned Him. He remains in control and He has made us for something far greater than this place of pilgrimage. He sent His Son to suffer and die as we do, and raised Him on the Third Day in order that we may live. Death is now defeated.

    Each day we journey one day nearer to our eternal life to come and death has no claim on us, for Jesus has redeemed us. No matter the affliction, no matter the bodily death we will experience, we are God’s own children and He has not left us as orphans… if only we trust in Him and surrender our will to His.

    God does not wish for any of us to die. We must surrender and trust Him...He will lead you home, where you can find eternal rest for your soul.

    No matter the outcome, it will always be for the best. I am praying for you, Chang and your family.

  40. Such is life, dukkha, anicca and anatta... may you find peace understanding the nature of samsara.

    Bhavantu sabba mangalam,
    Rakkhantu sabba devata
    sabba Buddhanu bavena
    sada sotthu bhavantu te

    Bhavantu sabba mangalam,
    Rakkhantu sabba devata
    sabba Dhammanu bavena
    sada sotthu bhavantu te

    Bhavantu sabba mangalam,
    Rakkhantu sabba devata
    sabba Sanghanu bavena
    sada sotthu bhavantu te

    Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

    Sending metta to you and your family members..
    May you be well, happy and have peace of mind,
    be free from physical suffering and be free from mental suffering.

    Lim Mong Seng
    your friend from SJBA

  41. Dear Chang,
    I have been following your blog for a few months,and to me you have won the battle but not the war.But then,with your strength you have gained many additional months to do what you want to do especially spent quality time with your family.God Bless.

  42. Dear Chang,

    I'm a follower of your blog and I just want you to know that you have been an inspiration to my brother Bing (who's on his 6 months still fighting his illness). You have been an instrument for him to keep going on.

    Thank you for the information's you posted at your blog. It did not just showed us how to deal will illness but also showed us how to value life and in facing our own everyday illness (trials/challenges), never giving up.

    You are always included in our prayers.
    God bless you Chang.


  43. Hi CT,

    Sad to read this post.

    I tabik you for a hard fought battle and offering a beacon of hope to many others.

    Your blog will be a legacy to those who are seeking alternative options, thank you !

    May you and your loved ones be blessed with peace and strength at this chapter of your life.

    God bless !

    Best wishes,


  44. Hi

    Hope Chang's good friends can help to update his condition at the comment section here.

    You have influence me a lot, Chang, have good health next life.


  45. not letting go of you in prayers Chang! May in the silence of your heart accept the love and grace that Jesus is offering to you in abundance. No loss only gain.


  46. To Chang's family, esp Mrs Chang & daughters,

    I fully agree with Lanie of the proposal of you all keeping us updated, of course, we the readers wish you all the courage to carrying on your respective lives, when Chang is not around.

    He is certainly a brave man, I respect him more as a cancer fighter than a ex colleague though a very short stint of 6 months or so

    rgds, nkp

  47. I sad to read this. Thank you for being a great friend. Towards the last..u show and share without reservation. This is your purest contribution to all. Be at peace and God will receive you totally and hope you will be able to stay stronger. Miracle may just happen. Amen.

  48. Chang,

    In this silence, may you find peace and rest...may you find strength and healing for your soul...may you find courage to journey ahead...may you be brave to let go of everything secular. Peace to you...May love accompany you and embrace you. You have journeyed richly, my friend. No tears, no sorrows, only admiration...

    From a good friend

  49. Thanks for the post. I had been looking for something related and found your web site in the process.. I will definitely be back for more.

  50. Chang,

    May you be free of mental suffering
    May you be free of physical suffering
    May you be Happy Well & Peaceful always.

    Take care

    With metta,
    SweeAun & SJBA Exco & frens

  51. Dear CT,
    Am praying for you and sending you love. It was my absolute pleasure to meet you in Mexico almost 2 years ago. You were an inspiration then and you still are now. Bless you brother...lots of love and light.
    Rochelle XO

  52. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers from all walks of faith. Continue to keep Him and shower Him with your grace and keep offering love .. send him a harvester of souls oh Lord God..

    hang on and keep the faith that you can go through this..


  53. every second that ticks means that the end is near for each and every living creature which include all mankind (me and you), the sun, the moon, this our beautiful puniverse and the earth as a whole. we are not created to live forever but for an appointed term only like our forefathers. being sick does not mean that you are dying. anyone of us can die any second without being sick. can any of us reading these postings guarantee that we will live the very next minute?? of course not!

    there is a cure for every disease if the ill person is not destined to be consumed by the said illness.

    the best cure is praying if you can learn to be a true believer. look at yourself in and out and ask yourself these questions? 1. how did i came into being?
    2. where do i get the ability to think, speak, walk, laugh, cry, sleep and wake up??
    3. why do i grow older day by day??
    4. do i control my heart beat?
    5. how does the blood flow through my body?
    6. how do i maintain a body temperature at a balance?
    7. where are my grand parents or great grand parents?
    8. where are the great men of old including jesus son of mary??
    9. why do i fall asleep and wake up everyday?? can i stop that??

    if you can answer these questions right, then you will come to a conclusion that indeed there is a mighty power over you and that you belong solely to this power ONLY.

    if you can sincerely pray to the true one and only almighty god for help to cure you, for sure he may cure you instantly if he wants and yet take your life ten minutes later or a week later as according he wishes. but for sure death is destined for each of us and we will all take this great journey whether we worry about it or not.

    he hes destined death for each of us at an appointed time whether we are ill or not.

    illness is a serious test and trial and if it consumes you, please pray sincerely to the almighty crying from your heart that you are in great pain and that you want an alleviation. for sure you will see that he will lesson or eliminate your pain. or better, he may enshroud you with peace and tranquility making you feel no pain or feeling of being sick. this feeling ofcourse only few understand on earth right now.

    man is forgetful or rebellious thinking that hes independent when is he not at all. we think medicine cures us when the one who owns us is ever waiting for us to call and cry to him sincerely for help and cure.

    please brother dont be disheartened and give up. the end is hidden from each and everyone us. he has kept you alive for all these years and for sure you wont die without time designated by him. when that time comes not a second will be prolong. your soul will abandon your body instantly and you will head to him (your creator) who will fairly judge you for your actions and deeds on this planet of ours.
    the only job given to you and i by him (the almighty God) is to obey and follow his commands only and the first of that is acknowledging that your god is one and only the almighty God who has no son or wife. hes ever independent of his creatures which include again my dearest jesus son of mary. glory be unto him for all that is associated with him.

    if you want to try sincere prayer to the ever living, then this may be your last resort and its free!

  54. Bro Chang passes away peacefully today, Sept 11. Our heartfelt condolences & symphaty to Sis Yaw Ping & family. May Bro Chang have a good rebirth

    With metta,
    SweeAun on behalf of SJBA Exco & members

    p/s wake is at Jalan 223 Funeral Parlor

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